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Rostselmash at AGRO SHOW-2019

19 February 2019

Rostselmash has been as exhibitor at AGRO SHOW-2019, an international event held in Poland.

Rostselmash showcased a number of agricultural machines and the most awaited grain harvester in Class 3, NOVA.

“Compact, agile and very stylish, NOVA will be a perfect choice for the following conditions: small fields, particularly with irregular shape; medium to low yield; small acreage,” noted a Rostselmash spokesman.

The newcomer boasts cutting-edge solutions, the best that you can get from the industry today: An unparalleled threshing and separating system featuring a double-section concave with a wide–154 degrees–wrap angle and a threshing area not to be found on any other Class 3 machine (0.93 sq.m), ultimately allowing the machine to deliver a high performance, 16% higher than the competition; The shoe area is also impressive, with its 3.6 sq.m positioning the machine close to Class 4. This means the settings are intuitive and quick, and the grain is clean; A powerful and fuel-efficient 180HP block from the range of Yaroslavl Engine Works. The engine electronics does all the monitoring of its performance and supplies the exact amount of fuel to match the current load, thereby minimising fuel consumption, down to 4.5L per hectare. A capacious (versus competition) grain tank, nearly 5,000L. With the high-speed unloader, unloading takes as little as 1,5 minutes. 2-seater Comfort Cab with Adviser II information system will allow you to work comfortably and efficiently, with less strain and fatigue all throughout the shift. The air conditioning and heating system comes as basic.

The growers there have noted that a key advantage of the machine is the simple design, just the most needed electronics, a high road clearance, excellent access to adjustment and maintenance areas.