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Lithuania equips agro-parks with Rostselmash harvesters

15 April 2019

Following the results of the “Ka pasesi… 2019” exhibition Rostselmash has won 20 new customers. At the moment the company jointly with the agricultural commodity producers is working out the terms and conditions of the cooperation program. The event has been attended by 1,500 companies from 60 countries.

 The rifle approach to the display composition has helped the agricultural workers to get thoroughly acquainted with the required machinery and consult the company representatives on procurement issues.

 At the company stand Rostselmash presented the grain harvesters suitable for the Lithuanian agricultural background, specifically, RSM 161, ACROS 595, VECTOR 425 and VECTOR 450 Track.

 Agriculturally used areas in Lithuania cover 60% of small farming enterprises, that’s why the harvesters of 150-250 hp capacity find a ready market. The display was arranged following the results of direct questioning of the customers in order to show the agricultural machinery highly demanded by the Lithuanians. Rostselmash is a major supplier for the Lithuanian agro-parks. The company’s share in the total volume of supply of the new grain harvesters has cumulatively amounted up to 21% for the last 7 years. The VECTOR family grain harvester is still a popular model with the customers”, commented the company representative on the exhibition results.


“I made my choice two years ago. I purchased the grain harvester VECTOR 425 for it offered the capability to work 16 hours without refuelling. The cab is comfortable and equipped with everything one may need: noise and vibration insulation, climate control equipment, panoramic windows for better view, information system with voice announcement, user friendly control panel. This year I am proceeding with machinery fleet modernization and buying two more such grain harvesters”, said the head of the farm Erikas Hodkevisus.