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Rostselmash presented TORUM 770 to the Romanian farmers

9 July 2019

Last week Romania hosted a demonstration of the TORUM family agricultural machine.

Agricultural workers and farmers had an opportunity to experience the performance of the grain harvester TORUM 770 and take individual test drives.

TORUM 770 is the 2nd modification of the TORUM family rotor-type machines featuring improved consumer-oriented characteristics:

- improved performance in harvesting corn yielding from 125 metric centners per hectare and up to 4.0 m high due to higher throughput of the grain and tailing groups; better threshing of the awned, hard-to-thresh crops;

 - less labour-consuming machine reequipment for harvesting corn (no more than 5 minutes now);

 - 10% faster grain tank unloading time due to the unloading rate increased to 120 l/s;

 - better quality of chopped trash spreading (spreading width up to 14.0 m) due to the active straw spreader;

 - longer work shift time due to increased fuel tank capacity;

- better work place ergonomics due to increased cabin volume (Luxury Cab), reduced cabin noise level, electronic transmission control;

- more rational machine design, eliminating a number of operational difficulties.

With such improvements, TORUM 755/770/785 combines cover two performance classes at once, 7th and 8th, being among the most high-performance grain harvesters on the global market (with capacity of up to 70 t/h).

During the demonstration the farmers noted: “Availability of the right machinery and employment of the state-of-the-art technology and equipment are the key components of a rich crop and successful development of the agricultural sector. New machines and innovative technology – that’s what we should focus the agricultural commodity producers on”.