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Rostselmash Electronic Systems

12 May 2020

Rostselmash is known for its laconicism in describing the intellectual internals of its machines, and meanwhile the company has many interesting solutions, in addition to standard systems. Let us briefly introduce the manufacturer's electronic systems.

RSM Night Vision

RSM Night Vision is a night vision system that can be installed on any self-propelled machine. The distinguishing feature of the technology is that RSM Night Vision sees things which cannot be seen not only by other systems based on conventional cameras, but on thermal imaging either. Live objects, power supply lines, trees – this system misses nothing.

It provides visibility at night at a distance of up to 1,500 m. The image, denoised by the computer, is transmitted to the display, but can be projected on the machine windshield. The image quality is high enough, and it allows the operator to feel much more confident, increases safety of work and makes it possible to improve productivity by increasing the working speed almost to “day” values.

RSM Voice Access

RSM Voice Access is a voice control system developed based on the well-known voice announcement system by Rostselmash. The operator not only receives information “from the combine”, but also can give it verbal commands. For example, now he can switch among display modes on the screen, and control the machine's working units and multimedia devices without having to distract from control.

RSM AutoDriver

RSM AutoDriver is an auto-steering (parallel driving) system based on GSNS and RTK. The driving accuracy at speeds up to 30 km/h is 2.5-10 cm, depending on the type of signal used. The system reduces the number of misses by 10% and the number of overlaps by 15%. RSM AutoDriver includes several motion patterns: line, field contour, curve, benchmarks, turn.

The receiver of the system works with all auto-steering systems by Rostselmash, the device antenna receives GLONASS and GPS signals. The positioning accuracy ranges from 2.5cm in horizontal direction to 4.5cm in vertical direction, making the RSM AutoDriver effective when working in hilly terrain.

RSM Router

RSM Router is a system for cleaning logistics optimization that prevents waste of time on machine downtime. The principle of operation includes the possibility of inter-machine interaction via V2V protocol. The main principle is as follows. The system receives information on field parameters, harvesting machinery, transportation, elevator location. Based on this information RSM Router forms assignments for each machine and sends them to on-board systems.

RSM Optimax

RSM Optimax is an interactive system for assistance in grain harvester set up. It is integrated with the on-board information system and interacts with the operator via dialog boxes.

The system continuously informs the operator about parameters of the machine units in operation, warns of problems and suggests ways to solve them by changing the settings of working units. The decision on the change is made by the operator – he can accept or reject RSM Optimax suggestions.

Intelligent Systems for Forage Harvesters

RSM IQ-Doser

RSM IQ-Doser is a system designed to optimize feeding of preservatives into silage. It allows precise dosing of preparations depending on the yield, moisture content in the crop, machine productivity or background yield. It provides for the possibility to compensate for moisture loss by the chopped material during evaporation.

RSM AutoSharp

RSM AutoSharp is a control and warning system for required blade sharpening and adjustment of the sharpening bar position.

RSM SynSpeed 

RSM SynSpeed is a system for machine engine performance optimization in order to achieve maximum productivity with minimum fuel consumption.

RSM Fill Control

RSM Fill Control is a system for control over movement and position of silage ducts. It helps to avoid losses, optimize vehicle loading, prevent collisions with obstacles.

This, of course, is not full information about Rostselmash electronic systems. The manufacturer continues works on the “autonomous combine”, develops an interactive system for adaptive adjustment and yield mapping and a number of other relevant options. All of them are intended to facilitate operators work and improve profitability of production.