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TORUM 770 Grain Harvester: Rotary, Neat, Economical

18 May 2020

Rotary combines are valued for their high TSU throughput, which allows them harvesting even rich fields in the shortest possible time. As well as for gentle grain handling, which makes it possible to significantly reduce its damage and crushing, i. е. to actually increase the “selling price”. However, their disadvantages are traditionally referred to greater fuel consumption and high standards for harvested backgrounds. Rotary combines usually consume more fuel than walker-type machines of the same power. And they can not work on wet backgrounds.

Usually, but not always. Rosselmash TORUM grain harvesters have all advantages of rotary machines but are surprisingly economical and can handle wet grain crops better than their “colleagues”. And today we present the top model of the range – the TORUM 770 grain harvester.

TORUM 770 is a heavy-duty grain harvester with a rotary TSU adapted to European conditions. It is equipped with a 520 HP Cummins X12 engine of Stage V environmental class.

The increased power of the hydrostatic transmission switched from the cab with the leverless selector allows confident work in hilly terrain even with a full grain tank. The heavy-duty drive axle is equipped with a wheel drive as standard, but under difficult conditions it is possible to install tracks without any extra cost for conversion.

The combine can be hitched with 7/9/12m grain and soybean headers; with 8- and 12-row attachments for maize and sunflower harvesting; 3m and 4m pickups. The feeder house with the hinged conveyor and the approach angle adjustment function, enables harvesting of different crops without significant time spent on re-equipment.

Advanced Rotor System is a rotor-type threshing and separating system with a hydromechanical rotor drive and a rotating concave. The drive combines advantages of hydraulics and mechanics: stepless speed adjustment, high loads accommodation, no belt drives.

The rotor, which is 3,200mm long and 762mm in diameter, gives a threshing and separation area of 360 degrees or as much as 5.4m2. The concave forms three threshing sections, which allow to set the clearance in one cross-section. So, in one rotor revolution the heap is threshed not once, but three times. In addition, the concave design features allow setting the increased clearances.

Concave rotation in the opposite direction to rotor rotation eliminates the dead zone at the top of the concave and prevents the heap from hanging, which is a typical problem with other machines with a rotary thresher.

Unthreshed heads are sent to the autonomous rotary rethresher.

The total cleaning sieve area is 5.2 sq.m. The adjustment is electrical with the in-cab control. The clean grain is fed into a large grain tank with a capacity of 12,300 litres, while the tailings are fed into a 2-speed SCS with an integrated chaff spreader. The straw spreading angle is adjusted from the cab.

The grain tank with vibrating agitators is unloaded in 2 minutes (compared to the previous combine version, the unload rate has increased by almost 20%). During unloading the thresher can be switched off. Auger extension is 105 deg., its height is 5.4m. This makes it comfortable and safe to unload grain into any vehicle, even when adapting a 12m header.

TORUM 770 is equipped with a Luxury Cab operator’s station including the Adviser III information system. The cab is spacious and ergonomic, with improved noise insulation, effective climate control system and improved integrated control panel. The basic configuration also includes the Agrotronic remote monitoring system.

Several more systems are available as an option, these are:

·        autopilot,

·        moisture and yield mapping,

·        unload zone video monitoring,

·        return for rethreshing,

·        automatic centralized lubrication.

TORUM 770 grain harvesters are supplied and serviced by all Rostselmash dealers. You can also get all information you need about the machines directly from the manufacturer's web-site.