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The Rostselmash harvesters have been acknowledged as the best machines of the year

7 October 2013

Three Rostselmash harvesters: ACROS 580 and ACROS 590 Plus grain harvesters, and DON 680M forage harvester have been called at once as the best agricultural machines of the year 2013.

«The best agricultural machine of the year 2013» competition was held upon initiative of the Department of science-technological policy and education of the country Ministry of Agriculture with support of Krestyanskiye Vedomosty media-group and Association of testers of agricultural materiel and technologies (AIST). This competition has special authority among agrarians and machine-builders, because the agrarians themselves act as the experts, who vote for one or another materiel brand basing on their own experience.

This year, 1304 applications of agriculture specialists were forwarded to the competition organizers; 772 materiel brands were declared by them for the title of the best machine, including 60 grain harvesters and 90 units of forage materiel. The machines were evaluated in respect of four consumer features: quality of operation, reliability, service and price.

As the result of calculation of all votes, the Rostselmash harvesters were acknowledged as undisputed leaders in three nominations: «Best grain harvester» (ACROS 580 — 424 points), «Best forage materiel» (DON 680M — 378 points) and «Best novelty of the year 2013» (ACROS 590 Plus — 98 points).

— We thank our customers voted for the Rostselmash brand. For us, it is the best evaluation of the labor of thousands of production staff specialists, — says Alexei Moshnenko, Rostselmash Marketing Director. — Over a period of the whole history, the Company remains loyal to its principles: to produce high-quality, reliable, and highly efficient materiel for those, who works on ground, to propose the most accurate and economically effective decisions on implementation of agricultural works to the agrarians. This rule is applicable to every Company’s product during its whole life cycle: from development up to servicing.

In the Rostselmash Company management opinion, «The best machine: competition is an original barometer of situation and moods in the Russian agricultural materiel market. And the fact, that agrarians noted its products again, shows the movement in right direction.

It is also confirmed by comparison of results of various years. Thus, DON 680M takes the upper line in the forage materiel rating not only the first year. Farms using this brand machines note the structural reliability and stably high rates of forage preparation achieved by operators of these harvesters.

ACROS 590 Plus, which is in serial production since 2013, was acknowledged as the best novelty of the year. Its structure is designed considering operation in the most adverse agro-climatic condition.

In the experts’ opinion, the winning of ACROS 580 grain harvester was especially demonstrative. After two years since the machine was acknowledged as the best novelty, it surely took the first place in «The best grain harvester» nomination. For this model, the participation in the competition was the final accord of the last harvesting season, which passed completely in winning note. In June, ACROS 580 successfully took part in comparing competition with foreign analogues, and surpassed them in many key parameters.

Therefore, the evaluation of agrarians expressed by means of direct voting, when choosing the best agricultural machines in the Russian market, set priorities and showed the veritable circumstances in the field of agricultural machine-building sector.

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