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Rostselmash produced 10 000th ACROS harvester

30 September 2013

The anniversary 10 000th ACROS grain harvester left the Rostselmash conveyor. During 6 years of production, these brand harvesters have achieved 95 million ton of grain output, including 75 million ton of grain in Russia, what is almost equal to annual gross grain capacity in the country.

АCROS harvester is the second machine in the Rostselmash modern model line. Its serial production was mastered in 2007. In autumn of the same year, it completely replaced the legendary DON 1500B on the conveyor.

New level of comfort and effectiveness entered agriculture together with new 5-class harvester. During the model development, the Rostselmash designers have developed and applied such unique systems as Smart Launch (provides maximum speed of grain tank unloading with minimal risk of clogging), jam Control (device for drum deck deep release preventing the clogging with bread mass), Adviser (on-board informer with voice alerting applied in harvester-building for the first time) and the whole line of other devices improving the machine effectiveness and efficiency.

The first АCROS got digital index 530. The machines having indexes 540, 560, 580, and 590 were produced later.

As the other Rostselmash machines, the ACROS harvesters are produced, ad verbum, upon orders: with various sets of options and components considering regional features and desires of customers. At present, there are up to 30 versions of the machine in serial production.

For six years since the staring of its production, ACROS became the most demanded model among the Rostselmash harvesters in the Russian market, as well as in the markets of other countries. Almost every sixth machine leaving the conveyor is shipped abroad. The main importer of this model harvesters is Ukraine. More than 600 machines in total have been delivered to this country.

The high demand for ACROS is connected with its efficiency and effectiveness. Thus, «The best Russian machine operator» federal competition, held by Rostselmash Company in 2010-2011, demonstrated that the machine operators can have grain output of up to 8500 tons of cereals per season by this model harvesters, on conditions that the labor is organized literally.

Besides, during comparative tests of various levels, ACROS shows the best results in all parameters in comparison with models of competitors.

Certain positions of the machine in the market many people link them with its good start. In May 2007, Panteleymon, Rostov and Novocherkassk Archbishop, sanctified the Rostselmash novelty and blessed the enterprise for its production. In June the same year, Vladimir Putin said sacramental phrase: «The harvesters are important for Russia not less than rockets» after familiarization with ACROS 530 operation during celebrating Russian Field Day.

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