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Rostselmash Days of Field were held in Russian regions

20 August 2013

11 days. 22 regions. 3 thousand agrarians. More than 500 units of materiel were purchased by manufacturers of agricultural products within the frame of the events. All these are main figures of the Company’s main federal project — Rostselmash Day of Field, which started before harvesting season and passed along the grain fields of the country.

Rostselmash Days of Field are the series of important agricultural events, which invite maximum number of managers of successful agricultural enterprises. Demonstration of the most advanced designs of the company in field conditions is performed for them, and due to this, agrarians can receive the evidence in excellent operating specifications of the product line. Within a day, the guests are able not only to study in details the materiel required by them, but also to get individual consultations of the Rostselmash specialists and dealer centers on the issues of the product delivery terms, warranty service and operation.

— The company’s target is to work with agrarians in close cooperation. Just for this purpose, we arrange the Rostselmash Days of Field, — noticed Alexei Moshnenko, Marketing Director of the Rostselmash Company. — The second season of the Rostselmash Day of Field project passed in main grain-seeding regions and united many thousands of agrarians from North Caucasus up to Siberia. Upon the event results, more than 500 units of materiel were purchased. A part of these machines has already took a part in harvesting campaign of this year.

Thus, high parameters of Rostov region grain outputs in many aspects were predetermined by the active technical reequipping of Rostov region farms. It is carried out with the Rostselmash support, which products were highly evaluated by the regional authorities.
— The materiel line, presented at the company’s Day of Field, in my opinion, is not afraid of the competition. The product quality, design, and service are getting better year by year. But the main aspect is the correlation of quality and price. In case of comparing this parameter of various manufacturers, in will be in favor of Rostselmash, — noticed Vyacheslav Vasilenko, Deputy Governor of Rostov Region, Minister of Agriculture and Food.

The Route List of the Rostselmash Days of Field — 2013 included 11 regions in total: Rostov, Volgograd, Voronezh, Tula, Orenburg, Tyumen, Kirov, Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnoyarsk, Altay regions, and Tatar Republic. In some particular regions, the corporate events were a part of regional forums, and, in opposite, Rostselmash Days of Field became the site for conduction of regional briefings and seminars for agrarians. Every Day of Field covered agricultural sector of not only the territory of the event, but also the adjacent subjects.

Particularly, in the program of the Day of Siberian Field, the central place was provided to the Rostselmash product presentation. Alexander Karlin, Head of Altay Region, when addressing to the management of the company, noticed:
— After the last year crop failure, the forthcoming harvesting season promises to be busy. That’s why, we need to take all the materiel from the sites of your dealers.
37 Rostselmash harvesters were delivered to the regional farm upon the results of the Day of Field before the harvesting season.