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Novelty in the Russian market!

29 December 2012

The Rostselmash Company starts serial production of the 6th class ACROS 590 Plus grain harvester.
More powerful, more efficient, and more economy are the main principles of operation of the machine, which continues the model line of famous ACROS harvester.

The new harvester is equipped with more powerful engine Cummins 325 h.p. Among the main design features of ACROS 590 Plus is double-cascade cleaning system increasing twice the cleanness of tanked grain, and the machine efficiency by 30%. The harvester uses new design of inclined chamber equipped with accelerating beater, which accelerates the bread mass before its feeding into thresher. The harvester is equipped with new straw shredder-thrower having with improved technological scheme of operation and chaff-thrower. The basic set has automatic soil relief copying system, electrical adjustment of sieves from cabin and waterproof grain tank. The harvester basic set also includes 7-meter grain reaper and transporting trolley.

The ACROS 590 Plus harvester has passed the 3-year testing cycle in various climatic zones. More than 50 machines, produced during this period, have been successfully operated in the fields of North Caucasus, Siberia, and Black Soil. Customers, who were the first ones to try the new machine in operation, noticed in their comments the excellent results and design features of the harvester, which significantly expand its operating abilities. Particularly, ACROS 590 Plus effectively copes with harvesting of high-yield fields in conditions of high humidity and straw-capacity.

ACROS 590 Plus new highly efficient machines can be purchased at special price only until April 30, 2013. The lot is limited.