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Only Rostselmash harvesters are in the fields of Kyrgyzstan

12 December 2012

Taiyrbeck Sarpashev, Vice-President of Kyrgyzstan, visited the Company and expressed the hope that more modern harvesting machines from Russia will be in the fields of the Republic in the nearest future. It is planned, that 30 Rostselmash harvesters will be delivered to the Republic this spring, and the deliveries will only grow in the future.

On December 11, the Kyrgyzstan governmental delegation headed by Taiyrbeck Sarpashev, Vice-President, carried out a working visit to Rostselmash. Samir Osmonaliyev, Head of Department of Agriculture of Kyrgyzstan Government, and Toktobeck Akmatov, CEO of Aiyl Bank PLC, were also included into the delegation. Valery Maltsev, Director General of Rostselmash, Eugene Korchevoy, Director General of Rosagromash Assosiation, and other managers of the Company met the guests in Rostov-on-Don.

Collaboration of the both countries in the field of machine-building has been significantly activated. Kyrgyzstan has a task to renew cardinally the complete machine-tractor park of the country. Thus, according to Ministry of Agriculture and Melioration of Kyrgyzstan, the Kyrgyzstan agricultural materiel park has been renewed only by 15% over the last 20 years. The Republic requires 27953 units of tractors and 4830 harvesters. However, only 87% of 20000 tractors are available for field works, and 86% of 2532 harvesters are serviceable.

An agreement between Kyrgyz Aiyl Bank and Rostselmash was signed in spring 2012, and the Rostselmash products and the bank leasing program presentations with a support of Rosagromash Russian Association of Agricultural Materiel Manufacturers were performed for the country’s agrarians last autumn. Several inquiries on leasing purchase of the Rostselmash materiel were accepted right after the first seminar. According to Eugene Korchevoy, the Russian Association plans to establish its representation in Kyrgyzstan, what will allow to solve many collaboration issues more operatively. All the more, that more than 4000 units of Russian agricultural machines will be delivered to Kyrgyzstan according to agreements between Rosagromash Association and Aiyl Bank.

By commenting the figure of future deliveries upon the line of Rosagromash, Taiyrbeck Sarpashev, Vice-President of the country, expressed the hope, that all the harvesters to be delivered to Kyrgyzstan will be manufactured by Rostselmash. «I saw an inscription in one of the workshops: „Only Rostselmash harvesters are on the Russian fields“. We came here with such intension, that only Rostselmash harvesters should be on the fields of Kyrgyzstan. Your company has huge experience. The harvesters have been changed, the quality has been improved for the last years, and the machines are very easy in maintenance», — said the Vice-President. Taiyrbeck Sarpashev also said, that the government studies various leasing schemes, in order to simplify the purchasing process for manufacturers of agricultural products. Therefore, the main partner on leasing delivery of the materiel is Rostselmash only.

Valery Maltsev, Director General of Rostselmash, emphasized that Rostselmash is ready to propose not only harvesters to Kyrgyz agrarians, but also agricultural technologies. At initial stage of deliveries, the conversation is about the harvesters for medium and small farms — NIVA-Effect and VECTOR. Thus, as to the second model, the possibility of deliveries of VECTOR 450-Track caterpillar harvesters is also being discussed today. It will enable the agricultural enterprises to develop rice-growing more actively. The issue of assembly production of the Rostselmash harvesting machines in the territory of the Republic was discussed during the visit of the Kyrgyz delegation.

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