Rostselmash E-systems on agricultural screens in every country

October, 2021

Over 7,000 agricultural experts from Russia and English-speaking countries have joined a unique event, RSM Digital Drive. October 8th, Rostselmash streamed a farming machine in operation, equipped with a suite of proprietary smart systems. The demo was organized in Tambov province in the fields run by Oktyabrskoe company where a TORUM 785 was harvesting soybeans.

Anyone following company’s events had a unique opportunity to watch personally how Rostselmash’s digital services help to manage harvesting machines efficiently.

The audience of pros was presented the RSM Agrotronic innovative agromanagement platform and integrated identification and tracking, automatic guidance and crop growing systems. The system showcased include RSM Transport ID for vehicle identification; RSM Face ID for biometric operator identification; RSM Smart Tag for attachment identification; RSM Router for logistics optimisation; RSM Yield Map for yield mapping; RSM Adaptive Cruise Control for optimization of harvesting equipment ground speed.

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Throughout the stream session, the Rostselmash Digital Project Vice-President was commenting on how the machine was operating, he was also talking about the features and benefits of a certain system and how it can be integrated into existing agromanagement systems of agricultural companies, was providing detailed advice. The viewers could also ask questions to get more details or information they wanted.

Everyone who joined the RSM Digital Drive was able to leave a pre-order for the systems featured and get certain preferences.

Also, those who attended the RSM Digital Drive got a interesting offer from Rostselmash - order the E-systems featured from a dealership centre till and including October 16 and get a 5% rebate.

This Rostselmash event that was streamed via 4 social media channels was watched by agricultural business and IT experts. Here’s what they say.

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Sergey Tkachenko, Step’ R&D and IT Director:

The RSM Digital Drive is an exciting and useful event. Besides the automatic guidance systems, other services offer by Rostselmash are very interesting. I mean RSM Face ID or RSM Transport ID, RSM Smart Tag, RSM Yield Map and a number of others. They are all essential for agricultural companies, especially large holdings. This will all come in handy for operations next year. It’s too early to talk about any specific economics, but right now we can clearly see some sensible benefits. Therefore, we are planning to buy a few such E-system packages for the next harvesting campaign.

Sergey Kosogor, Agroicultural Sector Digitalization Project Manager, Centre for Technology Transfer, Higher School of Economics:

The RSM Digital Drive event has lived up to the expectations. Today, we’ve seen top-class digital solutions that ease and in some ways substitute the hard labour of the growers. Such solutions boost the productivity of field operations and power reserve for our agricultural producers. Definitely, I only wish Rostselmash success in creating such and other digital solutions that will give our producers a competitive edge on the global market.

Denis Shesterov, Youtube blogger, LandTech channel:

Today’s farming cannot already exist without electronic systems that provide a noticeable boost to the productivity of farming machines and cut farms’ costs. For instance, systems such as RSM Agrotronic Pilot 1.0 and 2.0 aim to save on waste passes of machines in fields. With them, the width of a header or implement can be used in the best way possible. The RSM Yield Map system allows for efficient and smart nutrients placement. Other systems that we could see in action during the RSM Digital Drive are also geared towards boosting performance in agriculture.

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