Series 1000
All-round power at affordable pricing
power above
345 345 h.p.
power up to
370 370 h.p.
Series 1000
Always ready to drag you out of any trouble
performance up to
18 18 ha/hour
seasonal cultivated area up to
10 000 10 000 ha
Professional Agrotechnics
General description
  • power above
    345 345 h.p.
  • power up to
    370 370 h.p.
  • min. hydraulic system flow capacity
    208 208 l\min
  • max. hydraulic system
    284 284 l\min
  • performance up to
    18 18 ha/hour
  • seasonal cultivated area up to
    10 000 10 000 ha

Tractors RSM 370 (345 h.p.) and RSM 400 (370  h.p.) are classified as ROSTSELMASH Series 1000 wheeled tractors with mechanical front wheel drive (MFWD) assist function.

Series 1000 tractors are designed to perform agricultural work in medium and large agricultural enterprises starting from 1,000 hectares: ploughing, harrowing, cultivation, sowing, disking, deep tillage, mid-row cultivation as well as carrying out hauling operations with trailers.

Series 1000 tractors have the following advantages:

  • Premium-class performance;
  • Reliability throughout the entire life cycle;
  • Excellent service accessibility of components;
  • Ergonomic control panel.

Key features

alt text

High performance

Tractors 370 and 400 are equipped with very reliable QSL 9.0 engines. Excellent specifications of these engines ensure consistent power flow and torque backup for tough, varying conditions when using wide tillage equipment. The engines are compliant with current emission standards Stage IIIA (Tier 3).

Key features of engines used:
  • common rail high-pressure injection system;
  • nozzle is centred relative to the cylinder;
  • engine control is fully electronic;
  • reduced noise.
Powerful engines
In addition to the engine, the Full Powershift 16x9 programmable transmission meets the highest customer’s expectations. It allows the operator to best match the speed to any type of job for maximum productivity and comfort even in varying load conditions.

  • single gear shifting;
  • sequential gear shifting;
  • shuttle shifting out of forward gears to reverse;
  • programmable up/down shifting;
  • automatic speed setting.
The transmission includes 16 forward gears in the speed range of 1.5 to 40 km/h and 9 reverse gears.
Automatic transmission
The tractors are equipped with mechanical front-wheel drive with differential lock. Two versions are available: regular front axle in standard configuration and suspended front axle, as option.

Long axle shafts (3.05 m) are provided for dual rear wheel installation.
The basic tractor configuration offered includes 600/70R30 single front wheels and 710/70R42 dual rear wheels.

Single and dual wheels 270 to 520 mm wide can also be used for row tillage applications.
The closed centre load sensing hydraulic system provides the required pressure for efficient operation of mounted and pull-type implements.

When there is no demand, the system operates in an economical low-pressure mode, building up a reserve to deliver all power to the ground.

The basic tractor configuration includes the hydraulic system with the flow capacity of 208 l/min that has four sets of ½” ready-for-use couplers, 3/4” coupler and a 3/8” zero-pressure return line coupler. Such capacity and configuration is sufficient for steady operation during sowing with most of commercially available seeders.
Hydraulic system
For hydraulic-demanding sowing systems we propose versions with improved hydraulic system capability of 284 l/min that includes six ½” ready-for-use couplings, a 3/4 coupling and 3/8” zero-pressure return line coupling.
High-capacity hydraulic system
The tractor drawbar with the maximum allowable vertical load of 2,750 kg and a 51 mm pin (CAT IV) maximizes efficiency of operation with trailed implements.
The speed of the PTO shaft is 1,000 rpm (20 splines, 45 mm). Just couple an implement with the driveline, set the necessary PTO gear and work with no hassle.
Power take-off shaft
Besides the PTO shaft, the basic tractor configuration includes a 3-point hitch of Category III/IVN with load carrying capacity of 7,829 kg at 610 mm behind the suspension axis of lower lift links. The electronic ground contour following mode ensures maximum productivity at the set depth. A second set of hitch raise and lower controls is located on the rear fenders of the tractor for operator convenience.

The slip control function is responsible for automatic control of the implement depth depending on the slippage of the tractor wheels. This feature makes it easy for the operator to operate under difficult soil conditions such as excessively wet soil, uneven rough terrain, deep working depth, etc.
Rear 3-point hitch


The RSM Series 1000 tractors have one of the most spacious cabs in class, the cab provides excellent 360-degree panoramic view, the glass area is 6,88 m2.

Comfortable two-seat cab with high-quality furnishing and careful ergonomics allows for operating the tractor during 10-12 hours per shift without excess fatigue.

  • steering column adjustable by tilt and reach;
  • heater and climate control system;
  • semi-active pneumatic operator’s seat;
  • wide variety of seat settings and adjustment options (up to 11);
  • tractor control console with the joystick;
  • 10” colour touchscreen;
  • numerous pockets for storing bottles with drinks;
  • audio ready;
  • electrically driven and heated rear-view mirrors.

The armrest has the buttons of cruise-control, automatic transmission mode activation, differential lock activation/deactivation, all-wheel drive control, 3-point hitch lifting/lowering, PTO shaft activation, etc.

Armrest with Integrated control panel

The automatic constant ground speed system maintains a preset value of engine speed. This function allows operating at an optimum engine speed mode, irrespective of the position of the throttle control lever.

Cruise control

10” dust-proof high-resolution colour touchscreen displays all information on functioning status of tractor systems and supports the following features:

  • hydraulic system and rear 3-point hitch setting;
  • performance and fuel consumption;
  • engine load;
  • sensor readings, calibration;
  • headland setting;
  • service intervals;
  • ISOBUS support (when unlocked).
Colour touchscreen

Attention to details

Auto Steer Ready system installed in basic configuration is an ideal assistant to automatic steering system from any manufacturer; tractors are already equipped with the hydraulic valve for steering control.
Auto Steer Ready
Rostselmash tractors can optionally be fitted with a GPS/GLONASS automatic guidance system. The autopilot will improve tractor’s productivity by 10% by minimising gaps and overlaps during tillage operations, and eliminate the risk of overly dense sowing when using seeding systems.

The tractor is compatible with both an electric autosteer and a more precise steering system via a hydraulic valve.
All RSM Series 1000 tractors are supplied with the proprietary Agrotronic remote satellite monitoring system onboard.

The features of the system include:
  • tractor travelling and operation monitoring
  • operation parameter analysis
  • error notifications
All operating parameters can be monitored from the computer or using the application for Android OS / I OS smartphones.
The speed radar is included into basic configuration of RSM Series 1000 tractors. It displays actual ground speed of the tractor so that the operator can check the wheel slip factor in real time.
Speed radar
The auxiliary fuel filter (filter separator) is included into basic configuration of ROSTSELMASH tractors.

When the engine runs, the primary fuel filter and the auxiliary on-engine filter separator remove water and solid impurities that can be present in the fuel system, thus reliably protecting the engine against damage to the diesel fuel system and preventing dirt formation.
Fuel filter separator
The battery disconnect switch can be used for quick isolation of tractor circuits from the batteries.
Battery disconnect switch
Tractors 370, 400 have earned the reputation of beefy, robust and affordable machines. Routine maintenance extends the tractor service life, reduces equipment ownership cost and downtime.

The sight holes allow for a quick check of fluid levels. The hood panels on the tractor open up easily providing access for easy cleaning, filling, checking of engine coolers, transmission, air conditioner, and fuel cooler.





Make and model

Cummins QSL 9.0

Forced induction

turbocharged & air-to-air aftercooled

Displacement / No. of cylinders / No. of valves

8.9L / 6 / 24

Rated hp



Peak hp



Maximum torque [Nm]

1.519Nm @ 1 500 rpm

1.568Nm @ 1 500 rpm

Fuel tank (L)



engine mounted w/water separator

Full PowerShift automatic transmission

16 forward / 9 reverse

Maximum speed

40 km/h

Standard front axle w/differential lock
Suspended front axle w/differential lock
Front axle track spacing [mm]

1.524 to 2.235

Rear axle track spacing [mm]

1.524 to 3.251

Axle diameter [mm]



Closed Center Load Sensing System

Standard pump capacity [L/min]


Number of hydraulic valve port pairs (standard)


Hi-Flow capacity (option) [L/min]


Number of hydraulic valve port pairs (option)


Maximum pressure

200 bar (2 900 PSI)


12V, 200A


x2, 12V, 950 ССА

Standard lights

2 front road lights, 11 work lights on roof and fenders, 4 lights on hood

Xenon lighting (HID)


Capacity [kg]

7 829

1 000 rpm PTO
Volume m3


Glazed area m2


Unballasted weight [kg]

12 728

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating [kg]

16 057

Wheels and tyres front single

rear dual

front single

rear dual

Sizes 600/70R30 710/70R42 600/70R30


Length [mm]

6 512

Height [mm]

3 421

Width [mm]

2 540

Overall dimensions

Over front single wheels

2 450

Over rear single wheels

2 670

Over rear dual wheels

4 720

Wheelbase [mm]

3 275

  • Standard
  • Option
  • Not available

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warranty period
1 1 years or 2000 hours
support during harvest season
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