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Original spare parts

When purchasing Rostselmash materiel you choose professional agricultural machines. The quality of spare parts to your materiel is the one of the most important conditions of your machine’s long life.

You can expect the increasing of your harvester service life by using original spare parts designed by our engineers in accordance with high-grade technologies. 100% compatibility of the parts is one of the main factors of serviceability and profitability of the materiel.


When purchasing the required parts and units to your harvester, the buyer does not consider who produced them, and have they been certified in respect of quality. This thoughtless step ends lamentable in most cases, i.e. non-original spare parts become out of order twice faster than original ones. But, in spite of this, there is sufficiently high percentage of fake parts in the market. The main cause is the buyer’s targeting at price, but not at the manufacturer. Such approach, at first look, is efficient for the machines having short residual service life, but it is only quasi economy, because the expenses may be huge.


But you will not bear such expenses, in case you use the original Rostselmash spare parts.

Laser and bending complexes, processing centers and painting lines provide professional approach to spare parts production. Methodical manufacturing process and input quality control, starting from vendor items check and finishing by assembly and running-in the final products, allow avoiding the flaws in operation.

The Rostselmash Company is the first company among domestic manufacturers which proposes the packed spare parts to its customers. Such innovation allows to ease loading, unloading, transportation, stocking and storage of spare parts, their fast identification on drawing number marked on the package.

Depending on the spare part character, we use various kinds of package for your convenience:

  • Cardboard package
  • Wooden lathing


At present, the appearance of cardboard package is changed, and namely, the designer’s decision represents grey background with graphical elements; adhesive tape with Rostselmash logo; sticker with drawing number.

Old package                                                          New package



Beside the package, the marking of the spare parts with a sticker on their surface is introduced in order to protect the original Rostselmash products. It will be one more aspect of buyer’s guaranty for distinction of original spare parts from the fake ones.

Marking of original Rostselmash spare part by means of self-destructive sticker


Harvester is harmonious mechanism requiring the high-quality approach to repair and service. And, only in such conditions, you can expect reliability and long-term operation. When you choose supposedly much cheaper alternatives, you consciously agree with failures troubleshooting of which will cost rather expensive during the harvesting period. You can purchase the original Rostselmash spare parts only from official dealer of Rostselmash Company located in your region. Professional employees of the dealer, having trained at the factory, are always ready to give you the qualified consultation.

We care of trouble-free operation of your materiel.

It is possible only with original spare parts.

Now, you are able to control the receipt of original products: each original item is marked “Rostselmash” text in payment bills issued by official Rostselmash dealer for spare parts.

In case you have not found this inscription near the part name, you are buying the fake part!