About us
Rostselmash is a leading-edge transnational company with a rich legacy and signature approach reflecting the Company’s commitment to quality, growth, and excellence.
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Professional Agrotechnics
The company today
  • employees
    14 300
  • in the machine engineering industry
    94 94 years
  • countries around the world purchase our equipment
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Rostselmash Group of Companies is one of the largest global designers and manufacturers of agricultural machinery. The company has its own innovation centre, experimental facility, and modern, fully integrated production facilities.

Under its own brand, Rostselmash produces a wide range of machinery and equipment for agricultural operations – from soil preparation to primary grain processing; E-solutions to boost the efficiency of agricultural operations and businesses. Products are delivered to the markets of dozens of countries on four continents via a well-established dealer network.

High competitive advantages of Rostselmash equipment are confirmed by comparative tests, international awards, Russian and world records. The products reliability and quality is guaranteed by Rostselmash’s long-term experience in the industry, high professionalism of the team, and a certified in-house management system.

In its business activities, Rostselmash adheres to the principles of business ethics and social responsibility; in its activity, the Company always demonstrates great care for the earth and respect for its clients.

Equipment for any agricultural task

We have the complete range of most advanced technologies for the complete manufacturing cycle to build products with the best tradeoff and performance

  • Tilling
  • Seeding
  • Fertilising
  • Harvesting
  • Mowing
  • Windrowing

Dealers network

  • Area drilled per fuel tank
    58.5 58.5 ha
  • The VERSATILE 535с tractor covered 417 hectares in 24 hours
    417 417 ha
  • Building a huge logo “Rostselmash 85”
    4 000 4 000 persons
  • 80-year record
    10.5 10.5 million tonnes of grain
  • Maximum area disked per daylight time of
    13 13 hours 57 minutes
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