Corn Stream
New generation means new possibilities
capacity - up to
70 70 tons/hour
row spacing
70 70 cm
minimum height of harvested cobs
30 30 cm
Professional Agrotechnics
General description
  • capacity - up to
    70 70 tons/hour
  • row spacing
    70 70 cm
  • minimum height of harvested cobs
    30 30 cm
  • cut and pull rollers
CORN STREAM is a series of new-generation corn headers for high-performance harvesters. Any header of this series is notable for a number of technical solutions that allow it to be used for harvesting various types of corn regardless of soil fertility.
The header's performance was almost doubled due to gearboxes with integrated rolls that do not require any additional adjustments. The header can be equipped with cut quick-release rollers featuring eight cutting edges or pull rollers having eight additional working ribs depending on harvesting conditions.

Key features

alt text

Effective operation

The feeding auger with an increased diameter of 460 mm and a turn step of 585 mm ensures high performance. These parameters allow to feed huge masses easily to the feeder house of the harvester
High performance
The total length of the rollers is 690 mm, their active part is 500 mm, and the diameter is 115 mm. These parameters improve the header performance and ensure the stability of the technical process, even when working in weedy crops.
Process stability
Having no front supports on the pulling rollers virtually eliminates the weeds winding (no downtime for cleaning) and reduces maintenance time (no need for bearing lubrication).
Reduced maintenance effort
If the knives are damaged during operation, you do not need to remove the chopper. All you need is to lower the bolt, take out the sleeve and replace the cutting element.
Reduced maintenance effort

Perfection of mechanisms

The CORN STREAM features a reinforced chopper featuring an increased knife speed and a labyrinth seal of the gearbox bearing. The cutting elements have a tungsten carbide surfacing, which considerably increases the wear resistance of the blades
High-end chopper
Additional side shields and active dividers (option) reduce losses when harvesting tall-growing corn
Loss reduction
The reliable protection of the powered elements under extreme conditions and severe overloads is ensured by safety devices installed on the driveshafts, auger drive, and each gearbox of the snapping unit.
Reliable protection

Great capabilities

The header approach angle (tilt) of 18 degrees, together with the chopper in the center of the pull rollers, allows you to harvest the cobs at a height of 30 cm with the simultaneous chopping of the stalks. It allows you to use the adapter in fields with lodged and low-growing corn
Operation with low-growing crops
Depending on harvesting conditions, the header can be equipped with quick-release “cut/pull" or “pull" rollers. This allows harvesting tall, wet, and weed-infested corn with virtually no reduction in operating speed
Operation on soils with different fertility
The original side gearbox with interchangeable gears allows adjusting the speed of the snapping units depending on the soil fertility, which extends the operational versatility






Number of harvested rows, pc 




Capture width
structural, m




Dry weight of the device, kg, no more

2 100

2 800

4 000

The minimum height of the harvested ears, cm


Length of broaching rollers, mm


Speed regulation
screw rotation

due to replaceable sprockets

Channel reducer

safety clutch on the channel reducer
protects feed rollers and shredder

Grinding grain with a device, %

3 - 6

Grain loss by fixture,% no more


Header bed drive

cardan, via bevel gearboxes

  • Standard
  • Option
  • Not available

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Warranty and service

Service for lower future costs

  • Wide network of service and sales partners you can rely on
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  • Skilled personnel, special instruments and equipment, outfitted service facilities
warranty period
2 2 years
support during harvest season
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Application for equipment