Compact and versatile
power up to
180 180 h.p.
performance up to
10 10 tons/hour
Compact and versatile
tank capacity
4 900 4 900 l
season capacity up to
700 700 ha
Compact and versatile
Professional Agrotechnics
General description
  • power up to
    180 180 h.p.
  • performance up to
    10 10 tons/hour
  • tank capacity
    4 900 4 900 l
  • season capacity up to
    700 700 ha
NOVA is an excellent combination of performance, affordability, and low operating costs. An ideal solution for farmers and small farms. Compactness and manoeuvrability make this combine indispensable for efficient operation in small fields with complex contours. The modern design and rational configuration of the machine provide the required performance and ensure good value for money.

Key features

alt text

High performance

The traditional thresher with a single 600 mm threshing cylinder provides a very gentle threshing (including thin layer threshing!), but is quite simple in design.
A unique double-section concave design along with a large coverage ensures a concave area of 0.93 sq.m (which is unachievable for other combines in this class), and ultimately a high performance of the machine.
Unique threshing/separating system
The threshed tailings are cleaned by a double-sieve cleaning system. A large drop height and a finger rake on the precleaner significantly improve the cleaning performance.

The true total area of sieves is 3.59 sq m., which is one of the best for this class of combines. The cleaning system uses a 6-vane fan; the fan speed is easily controlled from the cab and displayed on the control panel.

Tall dividers can be optionally fitted to the chaffer to minimise losses when the harvesting is done on hillsides. Practice shows that losses are decreased by more than 1%, and the greater the angle to horizon, the greater the effect.
Efficient cleaning system
The straw leaving the threshing cylinder with some grains in it is directed by the rear beater to the straw walker. Four straw walkers with 5 steps does an easy job of separating the remaining grains.

A tailings elevator feeds crop material to the rear beater for rethreshing. As a result - good balance of simple design and productivity is achieved.
A high performance straw walker with a large separation area

Comfortable in use

NOVA is equipped with a two-seater Comfort Cab with air conditioning and heating systems, beverage cooler, and Adviser II voice information system. There is an option to install Agrotronic Agromanagement platform.
Adviser II voice information system continuously monitors the threshing process and the functioning of combine mechanisms, and allows monitoring the process stability and preventing the failure of units.
Comfort Cab with Adviser II information system

Important details

A conveyor-type feeder house feeds crop material to the threshing cylinder quickly and evenly. It has hatches for inspection of its condition and easy maintenance. A stone trap before the threshing cylinder prevents stones from entering the threshing area.
The reverse function (for hydraulically driven NOVA 340 4WD and NOVA 330) will help in difficult operation conditions.
The terrain following is both lengthwise and crosswise, thanks to balancing springs.
Feeder house for various conditions
The grain tank capacity is the most optimal for this class of machines. A high-speed unloader enables the unloading within 2 minutes. Adjustable fins inside the grain tank adjust the unloading speed depending on the harvested crop type and moisture content. The grain tank walls are inclined so as to reduce the probability of sticking even when wet grain is unloaded.
The quality of grain can be easily checked by means of the sampler located on the operator’s cab platform.
The unload height is 4 m, which allows unloading grain into any vehicles. The hydraulic extension of unloading auger can be activated from the cab.
Unloading is autonomous, i.e. the thresher drive can be disengaged to save fuel.
Large 4900 l grain tank
A good road clearance is required to operate on rough terrain (e.g. with irrigation ditches), to drive over ramps or furrows. NOVA with a 50 cm road clearance is perfect for these conditions.
The all-wheel drive version is available for high moisture conditions.
To reduce the ground pressure, larger tires may be installed.
The compact combine base ensures high maneuverability on small fields. The large size of adapters and accessories enables the maximum operating efficiency.
New opportunities
NOVA 320 uses an in-line 6-cylinder Cummins engine (model 6BTA, 123 kW, 5.9 l, Stage II). A simple design with manually adjustable fuel supply is undemanding in terms of diesel fuel quality, allowing a high content of sulphur in fuel, and has a high maintainability.

NOVA 330 uses an in-line 4-cylinder Cummins QSB/B4.5, 4.5 l, Stage IV/V) with 129kW (175hp) power.

NOVA 340 uses an in-line 4-cylinder YaMZ engine (model 53 425, 132 kW, 4.43 l, Stage IIIa). The Common Rail fuel system with electronically controlled fuel supply provides a high injection pressure up to 180 MPa. This reduces the fuel consumption (by 10%) and increases the specific power. The fuel efficiency indicators are displayed by Adviser information system.

In general, the achieved fuel consumption is less than 2 kg per 1 ton of grain threshed in normal harvesting conditions.
Several engines for various conditions
All maintainable assemblies and lubrication points are grouped and readily accessible, so the shift maintenance can be done in less than 10 minutes. Side panels open wider and do not interfere with any service tasks.
An air compressor with a 110 l receiver (included in the basic four-wheel drive package) saves a lot of time during daily maintenance and is especially helpful in field conditions if there is no support vehicle nearby.
Easy maintenance
The traditional threshing and separating system in NOVA causes little to no damage to the straw. Depending on the intended use, straw may be chopped and spread or windrowed. The chopping rotor drive can be disengaged within seconds. For hard stalk crops, a speed reducer is available to lower the speed to 1700 rpm.
The farms that conserve large amounts of straw may purchase the combine version with a 9 cub.m stacker. It can gather straw in stacks and unload them automatically on the move.
The most cost-effective solution for the farms that gather all material other than grain is to order a custom combine with a hood and without a chopper. That way, all straw from the walkers and all chaff from the sieves is laid in a single windrow that can then be baled, rolled, or gathered into carts.
Versatile straw treatment


Power Stream header  
Cutting device drive - planetary  
Knife speed [stroke/min]   1 140  
Reel-to-ground speed synchronisation system  
Float Stream 500 close-cut header, 5 m  
Argus 570 corn header, 3.5 m  
Falcon 670 sunflower header, 4.2 m  
Sun Stream 490 sunflower header, 4.9 m  
Swa Pick 340 pickup, 3.4m  
Crop lifters  
Transport cart  
 Cart hitch
Feeder house type conveyor-type  
Spring-type ground contour following system

Thresher type cylinder with front accelerator beater
Cylinder diameter [mm] 600
Cylinder length [mm] 1 185
Concave wrap angle [deg.] 146
Total concave area [sq. m] 0.93
Cylinder speed (with reduction drive) [rpm] 510 - 1 150 (300/400 – option)
Reduction gear
Rotation speed (with reduction gear) [rpm]
Concave adjustment (electrical from the cab)
Stone trap
Number of straw walkers 4
Length of straw walkers [mm] 3 600
Straw walkers separation area [sq.m] 4.34
Cleaning system type 2-sieve
Total area of sieves [sq.m] 3.59
Fan speed [rpm] 350 to 1 200
Rethreshing principle return to the cylinder
Grain tank capacity [L] 4 900
Unload rate [L/s] 50
Unloading auger length [m] 4.1
Unload height [m] 4.0
Filling sensor
Combine model




Chopping rotor speed [rpm]

3 000 (1 700 - option)

Chopping rotor speed reducer
Number of knives [pcs.]


9m3 stacker (harvester version)

Comfort Cab specification
Adviser II information system
Agrotronic Remote Monitoring System
Transmission hydrostatic
Number of gears 3
Wheelbase [mm] 3 600
Drive wheel track spacing [mm] 2 770
Road clearance [mm] 500
Turning radius [mm] 7 500
Drive wheel tyre type 23.1-26
(28LR26 – ○;
Michelin VF750/65R26 – ○)
Rear wheel tyre type 18.4R24
AWD (tyre type) -

(28LR26 / 18,4R24)
Manufacturer/model Cummins 6BTA (Stage II) Cummins QSB 4.5 (Stage IV) Cummins QSB 534 (Stage llia)
Displacement [L], number of cylinders, arrangement 5.9 L6 4.5 L4 4.43 L4
Horsepower (2 200 rpm) [kW/hp] 132 / 167 129 / 175 132 / 180
Fuel tank capacity [L] 300 510 (57) 300
Fuel meter system -
Air compressor
Length/width/height (in the transport position, without header) [mm] 7 945 / 3 400 (3 460 - 4WD) / 3 963
  • Standard
  • Option
  • Not available

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warranty period
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