RSM F 2000
The pinnacle of foraging technology
power from
448 448 h.p.
power up to
611 611 h.p.
RSM F 2000
Solutions for your conditions
performance up to
200 200 tons/hour
fuel consumption
0.69 0.69 l/t
RSM F 2000
Solutions for your conditions
fodder harvested per season
25000 25000 tons
Professional Agrotechnics
General description
  • power from
    448 448 h.p.
  • power up to
    611 611 h.p.
  • performance up to
    200 200 tons/hour
  • fuel consumption
    0.69 0.69 l/t
  • fodder harvested per season
    25000 25000 tons
RSM F 2000 is the most advanced family of Rostselmash forage harvesters. The new chopper provides a high (up to 85%) consistency of length of cut for better feed intake, and the shortest path in the class allows reaching the performance of 200 t/h.

Key features

alt text

High quality of forage

An increased feed rolls diameter provides a higher throughput of the combine, providing an even material flow to the chopper.

Four springs with a compacting force of 3500 kg ensure a high density of material flow and even cut. The hydraulic roll damper absorbs impact loads, improves the performance of stone detector, prevents damage to the rolls and feederhouse frame, and provides additional pressing of crop material.
Thanks to a new cutting drum with four rows of knives arranged in a chevron pattern, crop material alignment and clean cut are ensured. Such design prevents any displacement of the knives, protecting the cutting drum from damage, and reduces the knife replacement costs.

Automatic adjustment of the drum floor prevents the crop material from recutting and allows obtaining the length of cut uniformity >85%. New sharpening device increases the knife sharpening speed twice — the highest cutting quality with no time lost.
Cutter head
Two rolls 190 mm in diameter with saw-like teeth and a 20% difference in rotational speed ensure 99.9% grain cracking. For a more aggressive cracking, kits are available to order that can increase the difference between roll speeds to 30% or 40%.

The kernel processor is engaged by a hydraulic drive. The new slider design of the kernel processor does not require uninstallation when switching to grass harvesting.
Kernel processor

High performance

Increased feed roller diameter to increase throughput capacity. The lowest angle path possible ensures the minimum resistance to material flow. The accurately engineered crop material accelerator helps to increase the linear velocity of material and contributes to a 10% tighter filling of the combine body.
Engines up to 611 hp with a torque reserve of 28% ensure stable operation, even under high variable loads.

Transverse engine mounting provides direct power take-off for the crop material drive accelerator and the cutterhead from the engine crankshaft, providing maximum energy efficiency. The new engine range is 8% more cost-effective, the fuel consumption is 0.69 l per ton of crop material.
Optionally, the machines can be equipped with electronic assistants: Synchronization of the header speed and the machine ground speed.
Electronic assistants


  • the wear plates installed on feed rolls allow changing the feed aggressiveness, preventing the material from wrapping around the rolls;
  • with knives arranged in four rows, half of the knives can be removed to double the range of cutting lengths;;
  • special knives for corn (optional) increase the evenness of cut lengths for a better forage compaction in the pit, ensuring its integrity. Reduced amount of fine particles also increases the forage intake by animals.
  • the recutter floor (optional) helps prevent any unchopped dry leaves, preventing forage spoiling in the silo;
  • kernel processors with 190 mm (basic package) or 250 mm roll diameters (optional) and a 20% (basic package), 30% or 40% (optional) difference in rpm allow choosing the required configuration depending on the crop features and harvesting technologies.
Adaptation to any conditions
  • small grain silage — 2 versions of headers are available for small grain silage — with a segmented knives cutterbar and a rotary cutterbar. Kernel processor with 190 mm rolls cracks the grain perfectly, improving forage digestibility;
  • grass — two pickup sizes, two versions of direct-cut headers, synchronization of the pickup speed and the machine ground speed, grass knives (as standard) guarantee easy grass harvest on fields of any yield;
  • corn — 3 sizes of corn headers are provided — a header can be selected to suit the yield in your field and the optimal machine load. Corn knives (optional) increase the evenness of cut lengths, improving the forage presrvation and its intake by animals. Thanks to wide selection of kernel processor configurations, it can be adapted to your conditions and harvesting techniques;/li>
  • cornage — a special header that allows separating corn ears from stalks. Then the ear is chopped, and the grain is crushed by the kernel processor. In such a manner cornage is prepared — a high nutrient forage / feed additive.
All harvesting technologies


Combine model

F 2450

F 2550

F 2650



Engine type





R 6

R 6

R 6

Displacement [L]




Power St IIIa [h.p. (kW)]

448 (330)

503 (370)

611 (450)

Rated power St V [h.p. (kW)]

445 (335)

537 (395)

611 (450)

AdBlue tank capacity with St V [L]


Fuel tank capacity [L]

1 500

Air compressor
Width [mm]


Number of rolls


Feed roll drive




Length of cut adjustment

stepless, from the cab

Length of cut range, w/40 knives [mm]


Metal and stone detector with autostart
Feed roll frame opening

Swing away/V-opening

Longitudinal/transverse ground contour following system
Header attachment system

quick mounting and fixing device

Header drive


Automatic header drive clutch
Diameter/width [mm] 630 / 703
Number of knives (standard) 40
Number of knives (option) 32 / 48 / 64
Speed [rpm] 1 200
Automatic knife sharpening system controlled from the cab
Automatic shear bar adjustment controlled from the cab
Automatic cutterhead bed clearance adjustment
Set of corn knives
Cutterhead recutter floor
Grater-type cutterhead floor
Type removable, roll
Tooth profile sawtooth
Tooth profile, optional X-serrated for Shredlage
with X serrations and sawtooth
with 5°-inclined tooth
with 5°-inclined sawtooth
Roll diameter [mm] 190
Rotation speed Δ [%] 20
Rotation speed Δ, 30% or 40%
Roll gap adjustment controlled from the cab
Easy quick
System for quick kernel processor mounting in the harvest channel
Blower rotor diameter [mm] 540
Rotor speed [rpm] 2 400
Spout rotation angle [deg.] 210
Anti-collision device
Blower rotor to wall clearance adjustment from the cab
Spout extension sections
Spout section [mm] 720
RSM FillControl
Automatic Spout Control System
Versatile Inoculant Dosing System
Tank for concentrated inoculant [L] 30
Tank for diluted inoculant [L] 390
Truck filling and rear view video monitoring system
Automatic centralised lubrication system
Transmission hydrostatic
Gearbox control method electrohydraulic
Park brake control method electrohydraulic
Road speed [km/h] 40
Front tyres, St IIIa 2WD 800/65R32
Front tyres, St V 2WD 650/75R32
Drive wheel tyre type 4WD 900/60R32
Rear tyres, St IIIa 2WD 21,3R24
Rear tyres, St V 2WD 500/70R24
Rear wheel tyre type 4WD 500/85R24
Drive axle differential lock
Rear axle drive, 4WD version
Drive axle differential lock
Comfort Cab II specification
Climate control
Power rear view mirrors
Sun blind
Beverage cooler
Loud air-operated horn
Adviser III information system
Remote monitoring
RSM VariCut
LOC to moisture adjustment system
RSM AutoSharp
Cutterhead knives sharpening reminding based on tons chopped
RSM IQ-Dozer
Inoculant dosing based on moisture level and crop chopped.
RSM Yield Mapping
Yield mapping
RSM SynSpeed ​​
Automatic forward speed and engine RPM adjustment to match engine load and combine output
RSM OptiSync
Automatic header speed adjustment to match LOC and combine’s forward speed
Length/width/height [mm] 6,825/3,375 (3,450)/3,905
Combine model

F 2450

F 2550

F 2650

Corn header [m] (rows) 4.5 (6) 6.0 (8) 7.5 (10)
Grass header [m] 5/6
Pickup [m] 3/4
  • Standard
  • Option
  • Not available

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warranty period
2 2 years
support during harvest season
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