For Up 300D
Absolutely clean pick-up
operating width
3 3 m
operating speed - up to
15 15 m
Professional Agrotechnics
General description
  • operating width
    3 3 m
  • operating speed - up to
    15 15 km/h

The FOR UP 300D platform pick-up combined with a self-propelled forage harvester provides a clean pick-up of high-yield seeded and natural grass. Proven design, excellent performance, and high operational reliability have given the FOR UP 300D well-deserved respect among farmers.

Key features

alt text

Easy operation

The well-proven design of the FOR UP 300D allows picking up crop masses at speeds of up to 15 km/h, which puts your harvester to good use and harvest large areas in the shortest time.
Working at Increased speed
The integral factor that affects feed quality and eliminates losses is the relief contour following system. Two gauge wheels and the spring discharge mechanism ensure the mobility of the pick-up mechanism relative to the auger and the harvester's feeder house. All these features allow you to achieve excellent pick-up quality and eliminate contamination of the cut mass.
Stable relief contour following
The minimum possible number of inspection and service points helps you quickly prepare the pickup platform for the upcoming shift without special tools or much effort.
Ease of maintenance

Perfection in details

Smooth operation is an undeniable advantage of the FOR UP 300D in tight deadlines. This is achieved by the safety clutch in the auger drive and an overrunning clutch in the pick-up drive contribute to this.
Protected machine lasts longer
The belt drive of the pickup mechanism is reliable in power transmission, reliable, and easy to maintain and repair. The lever suspension of the auger allows it to adjust to varying volumes of incoming stock.
Adapts to changing conditions
The FOR UP 300D pickups incorporate a normalizer with pressure fingers. This ensures that irregular, high-yielding or lightly swollen swaths are fed evenly to the operating elements, preventing blocking of cut mass and consequently reducing productivity.
Uniform swath feed



RSM – 100.72

RSM – 100.72-01

To combine


RSM – 1401

Picker Type


Overall dimensions, mm:
- length
- width
- height


Coverage, m


Finger Type

spring, double

Auger type



Screw speed, С -1 (rpm)

2.89 (173.4)

3.37 (202.3)

Rotation frequency of the pick-up device, С -1 (rpm)

1.85 (111)

2.16 (129.5)

Load on the support wheel, N (kgf)

400 (40)

Range of longitudinal and lateral copying along the wheel, not less, mm

± 200

Structural dry weight, kg

880 ± 26

  • Standard
  • Option
  • Not available

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Warranty and service

Service for lower future costs

  • Wide network of service and sales partners you can rely on
  • Long commitment for proper warranty and post-warranty repairs in shortest time possible
  • Skilled personnel, special instruments and equipment, outfitted service facilities
warranty period
2 2 years
support during harvest season
Application for equipment
Application for equipment