RSM Night Vision
Helps detect objects not visible to the operator at nighttime
available for all Rostselmash’s self-propelled machines
higher productivity
30 30 %
Agrotechnics professionals
General description
  • higher productivity
    30 30 %
  • operating speed
    2 2 times faster

When processing crops at nighttime, good visibility is key. The RSM Night Vision helps detect objects obscured from the operator’s view, thereby enhancing productivity.


RSM Night Vision

Standard package:

- Main camera
- Rear-view camera
- Monitor
- Control unit
- Cable kit
How does it work?
  • High-sensitivity cameras display clear, high-contrast video on the monitor installed in the tractor or self-propelled sprayer cab.
  • The operator, driving the machine at night, is able to see the current situation along the route (if a rear view camera is installed, a video image is additionally displayed against the route).
  • The operator does not take his eyes off the operating area and the agricultural machine route. The object scales in the video correspond to the scale of objects seen through the windshield.
  • The system provides ideal conditions for operations at night and ensures the most effective work results in the shortest possible time.
System benefits
  • 01
    Possible operation at night
  • 02
    Improved work safety
  • 03
    Reduced risk of emergencies
  • 04
    Improved work capacity by 30%
  • 05
    Improved working conditions during operation

Objects in the image are scaled to the actual size

Objects in the image are scaled to the actual size