RSM Optimax Plus
Agrotechnics professionals

Standard package

● Water- and dustproof controller
● Controller
● Threshing quality assessment tube
● Feeder house load sensor
● Tailings Return Assessment Sensors
● Mounting kit for the system installation and hook-up
How does it work?
  • Loss sensors determine the grain loss level behind the thresher-separator unit and the cleaning system.
  • Basing on the obtained data, the controller determines the TSU and cleaning optimal settings for current conditions and performs real-time adjustments of concave clearance, threshing cylinder speed, cleaning fan speed and sieve gaps.
  • If necessary, the Precision Farming System also adjusts the combine speed in case of risk of combine blockage, internal combustion engine overloading or high grain losses.
  • This ensures high threshing quality and low losses, regardless of the current agricultural background, which prevents the operator’s need to independently adjust the TSU and the cleaning system when the harvesting conditions change.
System benefits
  • 01
    TSU automatic control: automatic control of the concave clearance and the threshing cylinder speed
  • 02
    Automatic control of the cleaning system: automatic adjustment of the cleaning fan and sieve gaps
  • 03
    Automatic control of the ground speed
  • 04
    Constant monitoring of the threshing quality (impurities, crushing efficiency and non-threshed crop material) and grain losses behind the TSU and the cleaning system
  • 05
    Protection against blockage of machine process channels