A biometric-based identification system
Agrotechnics professionals
General description

A biometric-based identification system.

How does it work?
  • RSM Face ID identification system recognizes the operator based on a search in the biometrics database and on permits to operate agricultural machines.
  • The system allows only authorized drivers to operate the machine. This assures personal identification and sublime protection against unauthorized access to equipment.
  • The system is integrated into the ‘Agrotronic’ agricultural management platform and RSM ‘Agrotronic Pilot’.
  • A system administrator can manage user rights policies on-line, add new machine operators and keep real-time tracking of running hours within one system.
  • The system is operational outside mobile carrier’s coverage areas.
System benefits
  • 01
    On-line control of access to equipment
  • 02
    Can run outside mobile carrier’s coverage areas
  • 03
    Ensures operator identification
  • 04
    Can be adapted to any OS
  • 05
    The system is integrated into the ‘Agrotronic’ platform
  • 06
    Automatic tracking of running time
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