RSM Agrotronic Pilot 2.0
Automatic Guidance System based on hybrid technology: machine vision, GNSS and RTK
Agrotechnics professionals
General description
  • timing of agricultural operations reduced by
    23 23 %
  • higher productivity
    30 30 %


Designed to increase productivity and to reduce fatigue during field operations, to reduce skips and overlaps, to save fuel and time, to operate non-stop in poor visibility conditions and at nighttime. Less skips and overlaps means better economics, and steering automation reduces operator’s strain.
RSM Agrotronic Pilot 2.0, the world’s first hybrid automatic guidance system originated in Russia, benefits from the continued development of Rostselmash automatic guidance system for agricultural machines based on machine vision and GNSS and RTK technology.

Standard package:

  • Receiver
  • Machine vision camera
  • Control unit
  • Video processing module
  • Control Hardware
  • Display
  • Feedback sensors
How does it work?
  • A combination of machine vision, GNSS and RTK technology makes the use of agricultural machines not only accurate, but also safe: RTK corrections provide 2.5 cm steering precision*, while machine vision can recognize an obstacle well in advance and stop the tractor or combine. Headland turns are done automatically. While doing that, the header or tow implement is raised at the end of pass and lowered when starting a pass.
    *positioning and RTK signal precision
  • RSM Agrotronic Pilot 2.0 relieves the burden of handling the routine tasks, and noticeably reduces operator’s strain. The system can run according to a job card that is generated in Agrotronic platform and transmitted directly to the machine’s onboard system.
System benefits
  • 01
    Stops in front of an obstacle
  • 02
    Steers the machine automatically with precision up to 2.5 cm*
    *positioning and RTK signal precision
  • 03
    Turns around automatically
  • 04
    Raises/lowers the header at the end/start of a pass
  • 05
    Automatically controls the speed
  • 06
    Sends the job card remotely via RSM Router
  • 07
    Windrow Automatic Guidance
  • 08
    Field edge Automatic Guidance
Economic benefits
  • Timing of agricultural operations reduced by 23%
  • Productivity increased by 30%