RSM Yield Mapping
The system allows the operator to test the crop gathered and assess its moisture content
Agrotechnics professionals
General description

The efficiency and performance of forage harvesters can be enhanced by installing a package of electronic options which includes the RSM Yield Mapping.

Data on the current harvester performance, current forage moisture content and dry matter content in tonnes which are obtained from the mapping system are used to check the process settings: adjust application of silage additives, change the cutting length and inspect the blade wear-out rate.
How does it work?
  • High-precision options operate based on special sensors that measure the crop material flow and moisture. By using data from these sensors, any operator can expand the information content of the standard on-board harvester control system.
  • The crop material flow measurement sensor is installed on the feeder. It continuously monitors the distance between the rear rolls of the harvester,while allowing operators to obtain data on harvester’s average performance, average and instantaneous yield, the average consumption of solution from the tank or canister per tonne of harvested crops.
  • A moisture measurement sensor is installed on the spout and continuously monitors the moisture and temperature of the crop material in work.
  • By analysing the information that comes to the ‘Agrotronic’ platform directly from the equipment sensors, users can: prepare reports and draw yield maps, keep records of the harvested crop, assess the yield of both the entire field and its individual plots, compensate the yield of plots with low rates by differentiated fertilization.