Argus F 870
Professional Agrotechnics
row spacing
70 70 cm
operating speed - up to
9 9 km\h
Professional Agrotechnics
General description
  • row spacing
    70 70 cm
  • operating speed - up to
    9 9 km\h
  • minimum height of the cut cobs above the ground
    30 30 cm
  • warranty period
    2 2 years
Harvesting of corn as animal feed is gaining popularity in modern livestock production. For this purpose, we developed the Argus F 870, a corn-cob picker. During operation, the cobs are separated from the stalks and then fed into the feeder of the forage harvester. Leafy mass of corn is cut with subsequent chopping and spreading over the field.

Key features

alt text

Easy operation

Proven design solutions used in combine harvester headers have made it possible to achieve high performance when harvesting сorn for animal feed.
Maximum capacity
The ARGUS F 870 is controlled from the operator's seat, reducing labor and operator fatigue
Convenient handling
Quick and easy access to the parts and components and lubrication points of the cutter bar significantly reduces the time and effort for maintenance and does not require special equipment and tools.
Easy maintenance

Perfection in details

In the event of emergencies, several safety elements ensure that the attachment remains operational. For this purpose, safety couplings are installed in the gear drives of the snapping units and the auger drive. As a result, unplanned downtime is reduced to a minimum, saving you money by eliminating unwanted repairs.
Prevention of damages
The attachment has 8 snapping units, each fitted with a gearbox to drive the chopper, the feed chains, and the pull rollers. The clever design ensures the highest throughput, even at maximum operating speeds, and the high margin of safety guarantees excellent operational reliability.
High throughput
The variable speed of the auger is a fine-tuning feature of the attachment for specific working conditions.
The use of gearboxes, driveshafts, and chain drives by well-known European manufacturers provides reliable torque transmission, which is the key to excellent performance and high operational reliability.
Powerful drive mechanism




Working speed, no more, km/h


Working width (constructional), m


Row spacing, cm


The number of harvested rows with a row spacing of 70 cm, pcs.


Completeness of collection of ears, not less,%


Cutting height of stems, no more, cm


Loss of corn seeds by the device, no more,%


Degree of chopping the stems into pieces no more than 50cm in length, no less than,%


Overall dimensions of the device in working position:
length, mm
width, mm
height, mm


Device dry weight (structural), kg

3100 ± 50

Number of attendants, people

1 (combiner)

  • Standard
  • Option
  • Not available

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Warranty and service

Service for lower future costs

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warranty period
2 2 years
support during harvest season
Application for equipment
Application for equipment