Floаt Stream
Low cut and perfect flexibility
operating width - up to
11 11 m
cutting height
30 30 mm
warranty period
2 2 years
Professional Agrotechnics
General description
  • operating width - up to
    11 11 m
  • cutting height
    30 30 mm
  • warranty period
    2 2 years
  • relief contour following feature
The universal Float Stream close-cutting headers enable mowing of different tyoes of cereals, grain legume crops and flax. The minimum distance from the surface of the field to the harvester’s cutting elements enable to particularly effectively remove lodged plants, as well as soybeans or chickpeas with a low position of the first pods.

The "floating knife" of the header mows at 30 mm height and adapts to the relief of any complexity in the longitudinal and transverse directions.

Key features

alt text

Great capabilities

In the flexible (floating) knife mode, the cutter bar mounted on spring-loaded levers can copy the field relief with an accuracy of 100 mm, repeating all its bumps and thus minimizing losses.
Operation on various reliefs
The requirements for harvesting grain crops differ from those for grain legumes because of their biological differences. Two operation modes, Floating and Rigid, allow the header to adapt to various harvesting conditions and crop peculiarities.

Effective operation

Hydraulic cylinders for remote switching the operation mode from "floating" to "rigid" and vice versa are installed on the sides of the header. The work of hydraulic cylinders is controlled from the operator's cab, which makes the operation easier and reduces the time required to switch from one mode to another.
Easy operation
Flexible cutter bar allows copying the soil relief in both longitudinal and transverse directions in the range of 10 cm, which reduces the loss of low-lying beans.
Quality contour following
The Schumacher cutter bar with a frequency of 1,120 double strokes per minute ensures a constant cutting height at maximum operating speeds of combine harvesters.
High quality of cutting

Perfection of mechanisms

Plastic fingers installed on the reel rakes reduce the chance of the cutter bar breakdown during the header operation in the floating knife mode.
The drive of the cutting bar is formed by a belt loop with a swinging drive shaft. This simple and reliable construction reduces the load on the blade drive gearbox and increases the service life of the belt and gearbox.
Cutting bar drive
The distinct shape of the stone deflectors facilitates the movement of the mowing and improves relief contour following, thus preventing clogging and damage to the cutter bar segments and the following bottom.
Damage protection








Capture width (structural), m






Dry header weight (structural), no more, kg



2 350



Working speed of movement, up to, km / h



Installation cutting height with a "hard" knife, mm


Minimum installation cutting height, mm


Overall dimensions of the header in working position, m, no more: length / width / height

2.5 / 6.5 / 1.5

2.5 / 7.5 / 1.5

2.5 / 8.5 / 1.5

2.5 / 10.5 / 1.5

3.2 / 11.2 / 2.5

Reel rotation frequency, rpm


Management of the working bodies of the header:
raising and lowering the header;
vertical and horizontal movement of the reel;
change of the reel speed

electrohydraulic (from the operator's workplace)

Automatic copying of the field relief in the transverse and longitudinal directions

lever-spring or electro-hydraulic system


paddle, eccentric with plastic pins

  • Standard
  • Option
  • Not available

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warranty period
2 2 years
support during harvest season
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