Profitable tandem with your harvester
capacity - up to
40 40 tons/hour
row spacing
70 70 cm
row spacing
75 75 cm
Professional Agrotechnics
General description
  • capacity - up to
    40 40 tons/hour
  • row spacing
    70 70 cm
  • row spacing
    75 75 cm
  • pull rollers
  • chopper
The high-performance 4-, 5-, 6-, 8- and 12-row ARGUS series headers are designed for harvesting technical ripeness corn. The special design of the pull rollers with adjustable clearance allows grabbing plant stalks up to 50 mm in diameter.

The chopper is located at the end of the snapping unit. It ensures an even cutting off of the stalks, leaving the crop residues on the field at a minimum height. At a harvester speed of 9 km/h, the loss behind the header does not exceed 0.5%. Harvesting corn grains with simultaneous chopping and distribution of leafy mass over the field reduces the number of passes of tillage equipment. Smooth control and a special mechanism for overload protection ensure reliable operation.

The ARGUS series corn headers aggregate with almost all brands of combine harvesters.

Key features

alt text

Great capabilities

The movable deck plates ensure perfect adjustment to the stem diameter of the harvested crops. The adjustment is performed from the operator's cab and enables free passage of stalks up to 50 mm in diameter
Adjustment to harvested varieties
Adjustable clearance between the knives of the pulling rollers allows for both weather conditions and biological characteristics of the variety or hybrid to be harvested, ensuring stable operation of the machine.
Processing versatility
The low weight allows the machine to aggregate with light harvesters without adding weights. It reduces power consumption and lowers ground pressure. Spacer and interchangeable driveshaft kits allow you to work with almost any harvester model
Energy saving

Effective operation

The knives on the rollers split the stalk along the fibers, while the rotor chopper finely shreds the leafy mass, which results in faster decomposition of the crop residues.
Smart chopping
Hinged dividers and hood make it easier to access the snapping unit cob conveyor and facilitate maintenance of the header
Reduced maintenance effort

Perfection of mechanisms

The bevel gear drive and the import reducers of the pull rollers and feeding chains increase the durability of all header components and reduce the maintenance time.
Improved drive mechanism
The machinery is equipped with closed teeth cob chains. This reduces the chance of breakage, abrasion of link pins, and chain separation and virtually eliminates the risk of chain getting into (in case of separation) the units and mechanisms of the header, including the threshing unit of the combine harvester.
Operational reliability
Under extreme conditions, reliable protection of the powered elements is ensured by safety devices installed on the driveshafts, auger drive, and each gearbox of the snapping unit.
Increased durability








A type


Productivity, up to, t/h






Capture width (structural), m






Number of harvested rows, pc






Row spacing, cm

70 (75*)

Weight of dry fixture (without feeder chamber and spacer), no more, kg

1 300

1 750

1 950

2 450

3 600

Working speed of movement, up to km/h






Overall dimensions of the device in working position, no more, mm:

3 920
2 990
1 600

3 920
3 690
1 600

3 920
4 390
1 600

3 920
6 350
1 600

3 920
9 500
1 700

Loss of seeds by the device, no more, %


Header drive

cardan through bevel gearboxes

*performed by Argus 575, Argus 675 and Argus 875
  • Standard
  • Option
  • Not available

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warranty period
2 2 years
support during harvest season
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