cutting width from
2.7 2.7 m
cutting width up to
9.0 9.0 m
productivity from
5.8 5.8 ha/h
productivity up to
10.5 10.5 ha/h
180 180 h.p.
seasonal moved area up to
5 000 5 000 ha
Professional Agrotechnics
General description
  • cutting width from
    2.7 2.7 m
  • cutting width up to
    9.0 9.0 m
  • productivity from
    5.8 5.8 ha/h
  • productivity up to
    10.5 10.5 ha/h
  • power
    180 180 h.p.
  • seasonal moved area up to
    5000 5000 ha
Versatile self-propelled mower can be used to fulfil several tasks simultaneously. It allows mowing and windrowing spiked cereals, grain legumes and cereal crops, mowing, conditioning and chopping forage grasses in a highly cost-effective manner. Being powerful, manoeuvrable and multifunction machine, it is ideal for the farms that widely use the windrowing method and grow livestock.

Key features

alt text

High Performance

The self-propelled mower is equipped with a state-of-the-art turbodiesel engine YaMZ 534, an in-line 4-cylinder 4.43-litre, 180 h.p. unit (132 kW @ 2,100 rpm). It offers a torque backup up to 20%. The engine electronics fully monitors its operation and feeds the exact amount of fuel required under the current load. This ensures the minimal fuel consumption.
High-power and fuel-efficient engine
It is widely known that the tractor hitch which includes lifting levers and lower drag links interconnected by braces of the central tie rod and hydraulic cylinder do not provide ground contour following by the header which affects total operating efficiency.
KSU-1 self-propelled mower is equipped with the system that ensures longitudinal and transverse ground contour following at any type of headers offered. All attachments have standardized attachment points in order to achieve maximum convenience and ensure the shortest attachment time. Combination of these measures made it possible to increase attachment efficiency.
Hitch System
Motor wheels form the undercarriage drive of KSU-1 and thus smooth adjustment of machine speed is ensured. Using of bridge-type design for drive axle and steering axle with 1,000 m picking clearance ensures the required traveling height due to which the mower can easily move above the windrows with any height and width.
Undercarriage Drive
The steering axle is a walking-beam axle with the pivoting angle of ±8° in relation to the attachment point; it is highly stable and ensures better manoeuvrability, especially when crossing the trenches and when moving from the field to the road. Original design of the steering linkage allows making full turn practically on the spot; it allows both forward and reverse driving while maintaining reliable control.
Rear Steering Axle


The work seat at KSU-1 fully complies with the modern ergonomic requirements.
The standard Comfort Cab is equipped with the adjustable set and steering column, air conditioner, heater, refrigeration chamber, sun blind and audio fittings. The operator controls the equipment using the control panel located to the right of the operator’s seat, and using the joystick with hot keys.
Parameters valid for the current process are automatically displayed on the screen of Adviser onboard system which makes monitoring of components and assemblies much easier; panoramic windows provide all-round view.

The mower is equipped with the modern onboard computer specially designed to ensure convenient operation and maintenance of the equipment. Among other functions, the following system features can be highlighted:

  • collection and processing of the data on the status of machine systems and assemblies, parameter data display;
  • counting, storing and displaying the KSU qualitative performance indices (working hours, distance covered, area mowed);
  • repair or routine maintenance notifications;
  • fuel consumption metering.
Adviser System
A pneumatic system is added to the basic configuration of power unit to enhance their self-containment. It consists of a 100L receiver and a compressor which automatically maintains pressure at 4 to 8 bars, convenient pneumatic tools and a quick-release coupling for ease of mower maintenance. With the engine stopped the system holds enough air to operate for 5 minutes, you will have enough time to carry out routine maintenance.
Pneumatic System
Universal hydraulic connectors significantly save time when connecting DF 700 and DF 900 attachments, they make operation convenient and prevent ingress of dirt.
Universal Hydraulic Connectors

Attention to Details

The hydraulic system of KSU-1 is based on the solutions aimed at reliability improvement and serviceability enhancement. The common hydraulic tank (50L) and the common hydraulic control unit simplify the design and enhance serviceability. Use of variable displacement pumps ensures more efficient consumption of power taken off from the engine thus improving its fuel efficiency.
Hydraulic System
DF 900 and DF 700 draper windrowers are driven by the hydraulic drive because they are not supposed to be used under peak loads. This allows adjusting operating parameters of the unit (conveyor speed, windrow position and reel rotation speed) from the operator's station.
On GH 500c mower-conditioner, DM 350c rotary front-mount mover, JS 270 mounted mower-shredder, attachments are driven by the PTO shaft installed on the power unit.
Attachment Drive




Displacement [L]


Engine type


Rated crankshaft speed [rpm]

2 100

Power rating [hp (kW)]

180 (132)

Fuel tank capacity [L]


Air compressor
Fuel metering


Undercarriage Drive


Front axle: drive axle

split-type with crossbar,
integral with machine frame,
with single-range hydraulic motors

Rear axle: steered

portal-type, with two
hydraulic cylinders and steering linkage

Turning radius as measured on the trail of the outer steering wheel [m]


Road clearance [mm]

1 000

Windrow opening width [mm]

1 800

Max transport speed [km/h]


Max field speed [km/h]


Comfort Cab specification
Adviser information system
Length [mm]

5 360

Width [mm]

3 376

Height [mm]

3 637

Machine weight [kg]

4 669

Draper windrow mower
with multicoupler and twin knife drive, 9m
Draper windrow mower (header)
with multicoupler, 9.0m
Draper windrow mower (header)
with multicoupler, 7.0m
working width: 5.0m
Frontal rotary mower (header),
working width: 3.5m
Mounted mower-shredder (header),
working width: 2.7m
  • Standard
  • Option
  • Not available

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