During harvesting, every hour is extremely valuable. Equipment downtime implies costs, wasted time and being nervous. Rostselmash makes all efforts to provide you with prompt assistance in spite of everything. Rostselmash has an extensive chain of reliable service and sales partners with highly qualified personnel and excellent equipment.

By purchasing Rostselmash equipment you acquire a long commitment for proper warranty and post-warranty repairs in the shortest time possible. Service centres have everything to ensure excellent maintenance and repair: skilled personnel, special devices and equipment, outfitted service facilities. Service centres are our backbone for customer satisfaction.

Rostselmash service chain is unique in and of itself. There are no other manufacturers of agricultural machinery that can boast such a large and wide-spread chain as Rostselmash. Initially, one of the strategic tasks set by the company was fulfilment of warranty obligations to customers.

The status titled ‘Rostselmash Service Centre’ guarantees that you will receive your new equipment fully assembled according to a strictly approved technology. Upon receipt of the equipment, the service centre technicians will conduct brief mandatory training for your employees in an equipped classroom. All service centres always have technicians who are in charge of setting up combine’s electronics, mechanics, hydraulics and maintenance of air conditioners and who had been trained by Rostselmash.

Certified service centres are furnished with all the necessary equipment that allow for quick and efficient repair and service of combines and other equipment:

  • Multi-purpose measuring equipment for repair and maintenance.
  • Special diagnostics vehicle. Each vehicle is equipped with special equipment for field repair and maintenance.

During the harvest season, all Rostselmash service centres work around the clock, thus guaranteeing the minimum time to eliminate equipment failures: