290 290 h.p.
performance up to
108 108 tons/hour
adapter cutting width up to
5 5 m
cutting length up to
20 20 mm
Professional Agrotechnics
General description
  • power
    290 290 h.p.
  • adapter cutting width up to
    5 5 m
  • performance up to
    108 108 tons/hour
  • cutting length up to
    20 20 mm
DON 680M forage harvester is the best option for medium to small livestock farms with a herd of up to 500 heads, or for large livestock farms using the machines of this class for daily feeds.

Key features

alt text

High performance

DON 680М is equipped with a turbocharged 8-cylinder engine with an integrated heat exchanger. V8 compact arrangement allows for transverse engine mounting.

It is an optimum configuration in terms of power transmission to the combine tools. Power is taken directly off the engine crankshaft, which significantly simplifies the power transmission.

The applied solutions made it possible to reduce fuel consumption to 430 g per ton of silage. The fuel tank capacity is sufficient for 11 hours of operation.
Flat flow path of forage The crop material goes through the process path with increase in linear speed from the feeder to the kernel processor. Each subsequent acceleration is almost twice as high as the previous one. This ensures the stability of technological process with any crop.
Process path
The accelerator in the combine unloading system makes it possible to unload the chopped material at a high speed, allowing to compact the silage when loading a vehicle, so it is loaded to the maximum capacity.
Unloading accelerator
The standard configuration includes a kernel processor, which is necessary for a high-quality corn silage.
Kernel processor
DON 680М forage combine cutterhead is equipped with V-arranged knives. As one of the knives is always engaged with the shear bar, the process of forage material chopping is continuous. For the farms working mostly with grass, heavy-duty knives are provided.
Cutterhead (chopping rotor)
When ferromagnetic sensors trip, material feeding into the chopper stops instantly. A foreign object can be removed by reversing.
Metal detector


DON 680М is equipped with Comfort Cab. The standard cab configuration features an air conditioner, a heater, a refrigerator, and an audio system. When in the seat, the operator has a perfect all-around view.

The steering column and the operator seat can be easily adjusted to any operator's anatomy. The main controls of the machine are located on the control panel to the right of the seat. A joystick with control keys provides simplicity of operation. Actual process parameters are displayed on the information system monitor.
An information panel with an automatic harvest monitoring system.
Information panel

Attention to detail

The spout flap extension allows unloading into low-sided vehicle containers and in windy weather, with minimum loss.
Spout cap extension
Keeping too much moisture out of ensiled material, applying preservatives as early as possible, and distributing them throughout the material are key to high quality silage. The advanced preservative applicator mounted on DON 680М forage harvester solves these three problems simultaneously. The system helps spray a bacterial concentrate mist via a pneumatic nozzle without additional water.
With a 5 l reservoir, the system can run non-stop for 10 hours.
Preservative application system
The spout height allows unloading the grain into vehicles with the sides up to 4.5 m.
Unloading height


Manufacturer/model YAMZ-238
Type turbocharged V8
Rated power, h.p. (kW) 290 (213)
Fuel tank capacity [L] 540
Width [mm] 680
Number of rolls 5
Reverse hydraulic
Metal detector
Diameter/width [mm] 750 / 650
Number of knives 24 (V pattern)
Speed [rpm] 838
Length of cut [mm] 3.5 / 8 / 20
Length of cut adjustment switched from the cab
Mechanical sharpening device
Type removable, rotary
Rotor speed [rpm] 3 848
Blower rotor diameter [mm] 510
Rotor speed [rpm] 1 678
Spout rotation angle [deg.] 180
Inoculant dosing system
Transmission hydrostatic
Road speed [km/h] up to 20
Field speed [km/h] up to 10
Clearance [mm] 340
Comfort Cab specification
Adviser information system
Length/width/height [mm] 8 600 / 3 880 / 3 940
Machine weight without headers [kg] 9 400
Coarse crop header [m] (rows) 4.0 / 4.5 (6)
Grass header [m] 5.0
Windrow pickup [m] 3.0
  • Standard
  • Option
  • Not available

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warranty period
2 2 years
support during harvest season
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