RSM 161
Exceptionally clean grain
power from
360 360 h.p.
power to
436 436 h.p.
RSM 161
Exceptionally clean grain
performance up to
40 40 tons/hour
tank capacity
10500 10500 l
RSM 161
Exceptionally clean grain
season capacity up to
2000 2000 ha
Professional Agrotechnics
General description
  • power from
    360 360 h.p.
  • power up to
    436 436 h.p.
  • performance up to
    40 40 tons/hour
  • tank capacity
    10500 10500 l
  • season capacity up to
    2000 2000 ha
RSM 161 is designed for harvesting all traditional grain crops, such as spiked cereals, legumes, oil crops, cereal and arable crops. It is an efficient machine with an output of up to 40 tons per hour (basic time), capable of cutting crops in an area of up to 2000 ha per season.

Key features

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High performance

Tetra Processor features a flexible concave with electrohydraulically adjustable clearances along its entire length. An impressive threshing 3.3 sq.m and separation area (in total 9.4 sq.m) provides an intensive separation process with minimum damage to grains and straw, even in the most complicated soil conditions.

Tetra Processor threshing system is built using a drum of 800 mm in diameter, providing stable, delicate, and lossless threshing. The 750 mm diameter separator creates a smooth path for the crop material. The wide width of threshing unit (1650 mm a) make it possible to get 40 tons per hour (basic time).
A unique TETRA Processor threshing system
A two-stage OptiFlow cleaning system with a proprietary sieve suspension and a huge area of 7.1 sq.m is used to clean the tailings. A powerful optimized air flow, a large drop height, and a finger rake on the precleaner significantly improve the cleaning performance.

The cleaning system uses an electrically controlled double-flow turbofan with the speed controlled from the cab and displayed on the control panel. Cleaning the sieves and components is easy. The sieves can be quickly adjusted by the operator from the cab.
An efficient OptiFlow cleaning system
RSM 161 is equipped with a powerful and efficient six-cylinder Cummins QSL 8.9 L6 360 hp engine. A large torque reserve (25%), a simple design, and low maintenance costs coupled with high fuel efficiency.

For the 436 h.p. combine, Cummins L9 with increased injection pressure is used.
A powerful and efficient Cummins 360/436 h.p. engine

Comfortable in use

RSM 161 combines come with a new second-generation Luxury Cab. The major difference between the new Luxury Cab and the proven Comfort Cab II is the size: the new one is more than 1,5 times bigger, with more than 4 cu.m of volume, more than 2 m wide, and a window area greater than 5 sq.m. Additional benefits include climate control, improved noise insulation and suspension for the cab, a large air-suspended operator's seat, an additional larger seat, electrically adjusted and heated rear view mirrors. The beverage cooler also has a larger capacity.
Adviser IV voice information system and Agrotronic Agromanagement platform come in basic configuration.
Luxury Cab featuring Adviser IV information system

Important details

A new generation feeder house with an accelerating output beater features a single-point hydraulic multicoupler, adjustable for/aft tilt for higher performance and ease of work with all crops without the need to convert, with quick connection of adaptors (for the headers up to 4500 kg).
High-capacity feeder house
A large capacity grain tank with an advanced mechanism of unloading into vehicles with side height over 4 m, and with vibration agitators. The grain tank volume of 10,500 l allows to increase the performance efficiency by reducing unload cycles. The unload rate is 115 l/s; it takes 2 minutes to empty the full grain tank. Grain can be easily unloaded into any type of trucks or trailers, while using headers up to 12 m wide. The thresher drive can be disengaged for fuel economy.
Quick unloading
6-step efficient walkers and an autonomous rethresher will ensure that crops are harvested with minimal loss.
A 2-speed chopper/spreader provides uniform spreading of straw across the field, operates effectively when harvesting grain and arable crops, and can be started from the cab. A large number of knives and counter knives ensures a high quality chopping. The straw spread width can be adjusted from the cab (optional).
The standard version of the combine is equipped with a chaff spreader with adjustable straw spreading width.
Proper straw and chaff processing

More opportunities

Depending on the version, the basic package includes an optical tailing elevator crop flow sensor (monitoring the flow through the tailings elevator). This offers a convenient way for the operator to monitor the operation of threshing and cleaning systems. The amount of incoming material is displayed in Adviser IV as absolute and relative values.
RSM tailing elevator crop flow sensor


Power Stream header, 7 / 9 m
Cutterbar drive based on planetary gear case
Knife speed [stroke/min] 1 180
Reel-to-ground speed synchronisation system
Float Stream 700 / 900 close-cut header with flexible cutterbar, 7 / 9 m
Argus 870 / 1270 corn header, 8 / 12 rows
Falcon 870 / 875 / 1270 / 1275 sunflower header, 8/12 rows
Sun Stream 780 / 920 sunflower header, 7.8 / 9.2 m
Swa Pick 342/432 pickup, 3.4 / 4.3 m
Swa Pick 342/432 pickup, 3.4 / 4.3 m
Crop lifters
Transport cart
Cart hitch
Type chain-and-slat, with accelerator
Rugged design
Stone trap
Electrohydraulic ground contour following system
Thresher width [mm] 1 650
TETRA Processor threshing system
Threshing cylinder/separator diameter [mm] 800 / 750
Threshing cylinder speed [rpm] 300 to 920
Threshing and separation area of TETRA Processor [sq. m] 3.3
Number of straw walkers 6
Straw walkers separation area [sq.m] 6.1
Cleaning sieve area [sq. m] 7.1
Cleaning fan speed [rpm] 300 - 1 200
Electrical adjustment of sieve clearances from the cab
Self-contained rethresher
Automatic Centralized Lubrication System
Grain tank capacity [L] 10 500
Unload rate [L/s] 115
Unload height [mm] 5 050
Vibrating agitators
In-cab spread angle adjustment
Chaff spreader
Luxury Cab specification
Adviser IV information system
RSM Agrotronic Remote Monitoring System
Air-suspended operator seat
Electrically adjusted and heated mirrors
Automatic guidance system
Transmission hydrostatic
Transmission electrohydraulic with 3 speeds
Front tyre size 800 / 65R32 680 / 85R32 900 / 60R32 1050 / 50R32
Rear tyre size 18.4 R24; 500 / 70 / R24; 500 / 85 / R24; 600 / 65R28
emission standard
Cummins QSL 8.9 (Stage IIIa),
QSL 9 (Stage IV), L9 (Stage 0)
Power rating [kW (h.p.)] 261 (355) - QSL 9 (Stage V)
264 (360) - QSL 8.9 (Stage IIIa)
309 (436) - L9 (Stage 0)
Fuel tank capacity [L] 1 050
Fuel meter system
Air compressor
Turbocharger guards
Length/width/height (in the transport position, without header) [mm] 9 890 / 3 500 (with 680 / 85 R32 tyres) / 4 000 max.
Weight (w/o header and fuel) [kg] 17 800 /18 310 ± 550
  • Standard
  • Option
  • Not available

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