RSM Agrotronic Pilot 1.0
GNSS- and RTK-based Automatic Guidance System.
Agrotechnics professionals
General description
  • timing of agricultural operations reduced by
    23 23 %
  • timing of agricultural operations reduced by
    37 37 % for tractors
  • higher productivity for combines
    30 30 %
  • higher productivity for tractors
    60 60 %

The system boosts productivity and reduces fatigue during field operations.

The system improves productivity by up to 30% for grain harvesters and 60% for tractors, and saves time required for field operations. It helps considerably reduce skips and overlaps, save fuel, and enhance efficiency in poor visibility conditions and at nighttime.
How does it work?
  • The receiver antenna picks up signals in a multi-frequency mode.
  • The tablet screen displays the complete auto-guidance process: operating settings are entered, you can download and upload necessary test data, configure and calibrate actuators.
  • An RTK base station serves as a tool to get a better positioning precision.
  • It provides an augmentation signal by continuously transmitting RTK signals with an accuracy down to 2.5 cm using radio equipment.

Standard package:

- Receiver
- RTK base station
- Controller
- Metering pump with integral pilot valve or external pilot valve module
- Water- and dustproof monitor
System benefits
  • 01
    Steers the machine automatically with precision up to 2.5 cm*
    *positioning and RTK signal precision
  • 02
    Turns around automatically
  • 03
    Raises/lowers the head and towed implement at the end and start of pass
  • 04
    Automatically controls the speed
  • 05
    Sends the job card remotely via RSM Router
Economic benefits
  • Timing of agricultural operations reduced by 23%
  • Productivity increased by 30%
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