RSM F 1500
Next level in forage harvesting
510 510 h.p.
Productivity up to
160 160 t/h
forage harvested per season
12000 12000 t
fuel consumed
0.69 0.69 l/t
General description
  • Power
    510 510 h.p.
  • Productivity up to
    160 160 t/h
  • forage harvested per season
    12000 12000 t
  • fuel consumed
    0.69 0.69 l/t
RSM F 1500 is a new forage harvester featuring an advanced forage harvesting technologies and a laconic simplicity of design. The new cutterhead provides a high (up to 85%) evenness of cutting lengths, improving the forage intake by animals. With the shortest path in its class, the combine’s energy efficiency has been greatly improved.

Key features

alt text

High quality of forage

Rugged design of the feedrolls guarantees reliable operation in any yield conditions. The feedrolls are driven by a Rostselmash proprietary gear case.
  • The lateral tilt frame on the feedroll housing enables ground contour following with any header attached.
  • One of four lengths of cut can be selected: 6/11/15/26 mm with a complete set of knives or 12/22/30/52 mm with a half-set of knives.
  • The hydraulic roll damper prevents damage to the feedrolls and prevents false activation of the stone detector when handling uneven windrows.
  • For ease of cutterhead servicing, the feed roll housing can swing out open.
Feeding system
F 1500 combines use a new cutterhead featuring 32 knives arranged in a four-row chevron pattern.
  • The cutterhead diameter is 630mm; rotation speed is 1,200 rpm. It can operate with a half-set of knives for increased length of cut.
  • Heavy duty journals and bearings give the cutterbar the strength to do the job
  • Cutterhead bed clearance is adjusted automatically.
  • The new sharpening device doubles the knives sharpening speed.
The kernel processor is engaged by a hydraulic drive. The new slider design of the kernel processor does not require its removal when switching to grass harvesting.

Heavy-duty bearings for enhanced reliability of the unit.
Slider-type kernel processor (option)
It can apply diluted inoculants in the range of 30 to 420L per hour.
  • 390L tank for diluted inoculants;
  • There are 2 points of application – onto the feedrolls to clean the chutes with water, and into the blower for better mixing of the inoculant.
Inoculant dosing system

High performance

The engine system includes a gearbox and a main clutch. The gearbox drives the transmission pump, high and low pressure hydraulic system pumps. With the clutch, power can be transmitted directly from the engine crankshaft to the cutterhead and blower.
  • Minimized power losses in primary harvesting units due to direct transmission of power from the engine shaft.
  • The feedrolls gear case is belt-driven from the cutterhead shaft. This simple solution synchronises feedrolls and cutterhead speeds, and maintains a constant length of cut under any load.
510 h.p. turbocharged aftercooled YAMZ 65804 diesel engine built specially for combines.
  • 21% of torque backup for smooth work when the engine overloaded;
  • 750L fuel tank for non-stop work throughout the day.


F 1500 combines feature a suspended Comfort Cab with panoramic glazing and enhanced noise insulation. Once you are in, you’ll know how comfortable a workplace can be.
  • Adviser II voice information system is continuously watching over the combine systems, allowing you to monitor process stability and prevent breakdowns
  • The cab features a heater, an air conditioner and a beverage cooler
  • A new HST control joystick on the armrest makes controlling the key functions easy and convenient.
Ergonomic comfort cab
The image from the camera on the spout (or from camera on the rear hood when reversing) is shown on the display.
  • Reduces losses of the chopped material thanks to a more convenient control of crop flow.
  • Reduces operator fatigue, allowing you to steer the machine and control crop unloading at the same time.
Video monitoring system (option)




Engine type 65804
Rated power [h.p. (kW)]

510 (375)

Fuel tank capacity [L]


Pneumatic system
Width [mm]


Number of rolls


Feed roll drive type




Length of cut adjustment


Length of cut range, w/32 knives [mm]


Metal and stone detector with autostart
Feedroll housing opening

swings out

Longitudinal ground contour following mechanism
Header locking

quick mounting and locking system

Header drive


Feedrolls mudguard to protect against crop
Diameter/width [mm] 630 / 703
Number of knives (standard) 32
Speed [rpm] 1 200
Semi-automatic knife sharpening system operated from the cab
Automatic bar feed system controlled from the cab
Automatic adjustment of cutterhead bed clearance
Type removable, roll
Tooth profile
Tooth profile
X-serrated for Shredlage technology;
with X serrations and sawtooth;
with 5°-inclined sawtooth
Roll diameter [mm] 190
Rotation speed Δ [%] 20
Rotation speed Δ [%], 30 or 40
Blower rotor diameter [mm] 540
Rotor speed [rpm] 2 400
Spout rotation angle [deg.] 180
Inoculant dosing system
Tank for diluted inoculant [L] 390
Truck filling and rear view video monitoring system
Drivetrain hydrostatic
Transmission control mechanical
Parking brake control mechanical
Road speed [km/h] 25
Front wheel tyre type, standard 605/65R26
Rear tyres, standard 18,4-24
Drawbar hitch with autolock
Comfort Cab Configuration
Air conditioner, heater
Sun blind
Beverage cooler
Adviser II2 information system
Length/width/height [mm] 6 860 / 3 227 / 3 866
Continuous cut corn header [m] (rows) 4,5 (6)
Grass header [m] 5
Pickup [m] 3/4
  • Standard
  • Option
  • Not available

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