RSM Autosharp
The system automatically notifies when blades need sharpening or the grinding stone needs adjustment.
Agrotechnics professionals
General description

The efficiency and performance of forage harvesters can be enhanced by installing a package of electronic options which includes RSM Autosharp.

Sharp cutterhead blades are important to improve the cutting length uniformity and the forage quality.

The RSM Autosharp system promptly reminds operators of a need to perform the sharpening procedure and supply the shear bar, thereby ensuring a high-quality work flow.
How does it work?
  • High-precision options operate based on special sensors that measure the crop material flow and moisture. By using data from these sensors, any operator can expand the information content of the standard on-board harvester control system.
  • The crop material flow measurement sensor is installed on the feeder. It continuously monitors the distance between the rear rolls of the harvester,while allowing operators to obtain data on harvester’s average performance, average and instantaneous yield, the average consumption of solution from the tank or canister per tonne of harvested crops.
  • A moisture measurement sensor is installed on the spout and continuously monitors the moisture and temperature of the crop material in work.
  • Sharp cutterhead blades are important to prevent the harvest channel clogging and improve the crop quality since blades conditions deteriorate during their service hours.
  • The RSM Autosharp system automatically transmits real-time data on conditions of blades and the grinding stone to the ‘Agrotronic’ platform which makes it possible to sharpen the blades or adjust the grinding stone on time, thereby ensuring a high-quality work flow.
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