Power Stream
Maximum versatility
cutting width from
4 4 m
cutting width up to
9 9 m
Power Stream
Maximum versatility
reel speed up to
50 50 rpm
cutting width up to
9 9 m
Professional Agrotechnics
General description
  • cutting width from
    4 4 m
  • cutting width up to
    9 9 m
  • reel speed up to
    50 50 rpm

Power Stream ensures higher performance due to reduction of loss and optimal crop feed. Practice has proved that the use of this header with the original cutterbar (driven by a planetary gearbox) minimizes shattering losses and ensures consistent uniform feed in any harvesting conditions. A hydraulic reel drive with a synchrodrive function automatically adjusts the reel speed to match the ground speed.

Key features

alt text

Wide opportunities

Ensures continuously variable speed of rotation to achieve optimal and uniform supply of crop material for improved performance. A simple and reliable mechanism with minimal adjustments.
The hydraulic reel drive
A large diameter auger prevents the tall crops from being wrapped. Pins between the turns of the auger across the cutting width allow moving the mass even when harvesting peas and very low barley (for headers with electrohydraulic following). Pins have a groove for safe work when stones get in the header.
Intake auger
Operates smoothly, accurately, and without wear. High cutting speed and increased knife strokes improve the cutting quality and, as a result, the harvesting efficiency, especially in unfavourable conditions. Knives are bolted, which significantly reduces the replacement time. For cleaning of laid crops on uneven soils, crop lifters are used, which pre-lift stalks off the ground to reduce losses.
The system of synchronisation of the reel rotation speed and a combine speed makes the operator work easier and lowers the requirements for his/her qualifications. This results in improved harvesting efficiency and decreased losses. The joints of beams of the reel and tines are protected from wrapping of long-stalk plants.
Speed synchronization system

Important details

(Included as standard) improves the harvesting performance due to a higher harvesting speed and reduces header losses. Three modes of operation, automatic transition of the adapter into the transport position, and programmable settings of terrain following simplify the harvesting process (electronics will take care of the challenging terrain).
The electrohydraulic terrain following system
Designed separately with an electric connector to improve reliability of the header operation. Makes the connection of hydraulic system several times faster.
Single-point hydraulic coupler
An optional bar fitted behind the header cutter stops up to 90% of stones.
Stone trap bar

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warranty period
2 2 years
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