Series 3000
Efficiency for any application
power above
440 440 h.p.
power up to
583 583 h.p.
Series 3000
The bigger the better
hydraulic system flow capacity
208 208 l\min
HIFLOW hydraulic system with capacity
303 303 l\min
Series 3000
Efficiency for any application
performance up to
30 30 ha/hour
seasonal cultivated area up to
18 000 18 000 ha
Professional Agrotechnics
General description
  • power above
    440 440 h.p.
  • power up to
    583 583 h.p.
  • hydraulic system flow capacity
    208 208 l\min
  • HIFLOW hydraulic system with capacity
    303 303 l\min
  • performance up to
    30 30 ha/hour
  • seasonal cultivated area up to
    18 000 18 000 ha
RSM 3000 tractors are powerful machines for energy-consuming operations. Full-scale production of these tractors started in March 2019 and is represented by four models with output of 440 h.p., 492 h.p., 542 h.p. and 583 h.p. – RSM 3435, 3485, 3535, 3575. Rostselmash is the only manufacturer in Russia and CIS countries which produces tractors with output power more than 430 h.p., and RSM 3575 is the most powerful agricultural tractor manufactured in Russia.

The choice of Series 3000 tractor is economically sound for farms having tilled land area of at least 2,500 ha.

It is reliable and well-balanced tractor, and its performance characteristics comply with actual situation in the agricultural sector. High performance results in a reduced number of passes per hectare (including fuel consumption and labour costs), while the standard dual-tyre configuration reduces the ground pressure, meaning less damage to the most fertile top soil layer.

Key features

alt text

High performance

When designing the full-wheel drive tractors, we chose Cummins QSX engines to optimise power, torque, engine speed to match current field loads. The turbocharge and the charge air cooling ensure as clean and complete fuel combustion as possible. The injection system with pump-injectors and an electronic control unit allows promptly reacting to changes in load and throttle valve position. The electronic control module with the programming function allows to determine the most economical and optimal operation parameters for the engine during the soil tillage or seeding.
Powerful engines
Thanks to large engine volume, power backup of 26 h.p. to 45 h.p. and torque rise of 35 % Rostselmash tractors can efficiently operate in the most severe conditions.
High power and torque backup
All Series 3000 models come with robust TA22 automatic transmission as standard. The transmission uses power shifting.
Automatic transmission
The transmission includes 16 forward gears in the speed range of 2.5 to 40 km/h and 4 reverse gears.
Large number of gears
Durable axles equipped with unique outboard planetary gears are designed to withstand high loads. They allow installing dual and even triple wheel systems.

The planetary gears transfer all available power through the large precision helical gear. Planetary hubs are suspended on large bearings attached directly to the axle beam. The entire load is supported by the axle beam, rather than the driven components.

All axles on Rostselmash tractors have a standard option of forced locking for front and rear differentials.
To achieve maximum performance of ROSTSELMASH Series 3000 4WD tractors, using of dual wheels is recommended. You will benefit from an increased grip, a better floatation in muddy conditions, a ground pressure that is twice as low as with single wheels, and all this has a good effect on the performance and fuel consumption. The tractor with dual wheels will not harm the soil which will pay back in an increasingly more uniform crop emergence from season to season.

Dual wheels are included in basic configuration of ROSTSELMASH Series 3000 4WD tractors. Models 3435 and 3485 are offered with 710/70R42 wheels (710 mm tread), and more powerful 3535 and 3575 machines come with 800/70R38 wheel (800 mm tread).
Articulated tractors have 10-15 % higher field operation efficiency as compared with conventional tractors having similar power. This is possible owing to combination of equal wheels for front and rear axles, optimum load distribution and two frames capable to follow terrain in the range of 30° in up and down direction. The design of the articulation joint on Rostselmash tractors has proven its durability and ease of maintenance.
Articulation of frame sections
Large fuel tanks with total capacity of 1,325 litres are designed for 20 hours (2 shifts) of autonomous operation.
Fuel tanks
The closed centre load sensing hydraulic system provides the required pressure for efficient operation of implements.

When there is no demand, the system operates in an economical low-pressure mode, building up a reserve to deliver all power.

The RSM 3000 tractor basic configuration includes the hydraulic system with the capacity of 208 l/min that has four sets of ½” ready-for-use couplers, set of 1” couplers and a 3/8” zero-pressure return line coupler. Such capacity and configuration is sufficient for steady operation during sowing with most of commercially available seeders.
Hydraulic system
For hydraulic-demanding sowing systems we propose versions with improved hydraulic system capability of 303 l/min that includes six sets of 1/2” ready-for-use couplers, 1 set of 1” couplers and 3/8” zero-pressure return line coupler.
High-capacity hydraulic system
The tractor drawbar with the maximum allowable vertical load of 4,082 kg and a 51 mm pin (CAT IV) maximizes efficiency of operation with trailed implements. The drawbar attachment point located close to the tractor’s centre of gravity provides the best distribution of axle load, 50/50. This offers an appreciable saving of fuel. Heavy-duty drawbar with the maximum allowable vertical load of 5,443 kg and a 70 mm pin (CAT V) is available as an option.
The rear 3-pt hitch is an option that can be installed at the factory. The hitch is designed to accept Category IV implements. Load carrying capacity at 610 mm behind the suspension axis of lower lift links is 6,800 kg.

This is an electrohydraulic system with an electronic position control feature (EHR) that is required to maintain the working depth of implements. Basic configuration also includes the slip control function that is responsible for automatic control of the hitch implement depth depending on the slip coefficient of tractor wheels. This feature makes it easy for the operator to operate under difficult soil conditions such as excessively wet soil, uneven rough terrain, deep working depth, etc.
Rear 3-point hitch (with EHR)


RSM 3000 tractor has one of the most spacious cabs in the class. A comfortable two-seat cab in RSM 3000 with high-quality furnishing , low noise levels, careful ergonomics and practical materials allows for operating the tractor during 10-12 hours per shift without excess fatigue.
  • the steering column can be adjusted by tilt and reach;
  • heater and climate control system;
  • semi-active pneumatic operator’s seat;
  • wide variety of seat settings and adjustment options (11);
  • tractor control console with multi-function joystick;
  • 8.7” colour touch screen with integrated dashboard;
  • cooled locker compartment (for 1.5 l bottle);
  • numerous pockets for storing bottles with drinks (0.3 l to 2 l);
  • audio-ready;
  • electrically driven and heated rear-view mirrors;
The armrest also has the buttons of cruise-control, activation of the automatic transmission mode, activation/deactivation of the differential lock, lifting/lowering of the 3-point hitch (option), activation of the PTO shaft (option).
Armrest with integrated control panel
The automatic constant ground speed system maintains a preset value of engine speed. This function allows operating at an optimum engine speed mode, irrespective of the position of the throttle control lever.
Cruise control
The joystick helps shift gears, select the transmission operation modes, control two sections of the hydraulic control valve, rear hitch or headland control.
Multi-function control joystick
8.7” high-resolution colour touchscreen in a dust-proof IP50 housing is easy to read, it displays all information on functioning status of tractor systems and supports the following features:
  • electronic instrument cluster;
  • performance and fuel consumption;
  • engine load;
  • sensor readings, calibration;
  • service intervals;
  • setting hydraulic distributors and rear hitch;
  • headland setting;
  • integrated MP3 media player and radio;
  • integrated GPS tracker.
Colour touchscreen
Now a bottle of water will always be cooled, even during the hottest season.
Cooled locker compartment

Attention to details

Rostselmash tractors can optionally be fitted with a GPS/GLONASS automatic guidance system. The autopilot will improve tractor’s productivity by 10% by minimising gaps and overlaps during tillage operations, and eliminate the risk of overly dense sowing when using seeding systems.

The tractor is compatible with both an electric autosteer and a more precise steering system via a hydraulic valve. The last mentioned option is available for ordering as a factory-installed equipment.

Factory pre-installed hydraulic autopilot provides a wide range of precision agriculture functions (including ISOBUS, support of RTK and RTX, mapping and variable seed/fertiliser application, automatic turning, etc.*).

*These functions are unlocked at the Customer’s request.


All the RSM Series 3000 tractors are supplied with the proprietary Agrotronic remote satellite monitoring system onboard (the system includes fuel level sensors, a GPS tracker).

The features of the system include:

  • tractor travelling and operation monitoring;
  • operation parameter analysis;
  • fuel filling/draining monitoring;
  • error notifications.
All operating parameters can be monitored from the computer or using the application for Android OS / I OS smartphones.
RSM Agrotronic
The speed radar is included into basic configuration of RSM Series 3000 tractors. It displays actual ground speed of the tractor so that the operator can check the wheel slip factor in real time.
Speed radar

The auxiliary fuel filter (filter separator) is included into basic configuration of ROSTSELMASH tractors.

When the engine runs, the primary fuel filter and the auxiliary on-engine filter separator remove water and solid impurities that can be present in the fuel system, thus reliably protecting the engine against damage to the diesel fuel system and preventing dirt formation. To drain the primary fuel filter, one shall open a small plastic valve on the filter bottom.

Fuel filter separator
The standard configuration of 3575 model tractors includes a reversing fan to automatically blow off dust and crop remains from the radiators by means of reversing the rotation direction of blades.
Reversable fan
The battery disconnect switch can be used for quick isolation of tractor circuits from the batteries.
Battery disconnect switch
Among other similar machines, Rostselmash tractors are the best in terms of convenience and ease of maintenance:
  • all lubrication points can be accessed from ground;
  • every reservoir holding any fluid is equipped with sight gauges;
  • filling necks of fuel tanks are located on the both sides of the tractor and can be accessed from ground;
  • air filters can be accessed from ground;
  • side hood panels on the tractor open up easily providing access to belts, alternator, starter and air conditioner compressor;
  • the front grille can be opened outwards providing access to the cooler package that, in its turn, is opened like a book for maintaining the evaporator of the air conditioner condenser, hydraulic oil cooling radiator, engine coolant radiator, fuel cooling radiator and intercooler;
  • you will need minimum time to complete the per-shift service procedure.


This optional kit is required for ensuring normal operation of certain sowing systems (for example, systems equipped with hydraulic-actuated seed-meter device of the grain tank or automatic steering wheels of the seeder). Power Beyond function ensures maximum hydraulic flow from the hydraulic pump to the seeder by-passing the hydraulic valve. It includes two 1-inch couplers and a coupler for LS line.
Power Beyond
Rear power take-off shaft (option) rated for 1,000 rpm is available as an option. It is supplied with the 20-spline shaft end and shaft diameter of 45 mm.
Power take-off shaft (option)







Engine model

Cummins QSX15

Engine type

turbocharged aftercooled
6-cylinder diesel engine



Engine power

440 h.p. (324 kW)

492 h.p. (362 kW)

542 h.p. (399 kW)

583 h.p. (429 kW)

Extra power reserve

7% @1 800 rpm

8% @1 800 rpm

Maximum engine peak power

466 h.p. (343 kW)

527 h.p. (388 kW)

579 h.p. (426 kW)

628 h.p. (462 kW)

Torque backup

35% @1 400 rpm

30% @1 400 rpm

Torque rating (2 100 rpm)

1 475 Nm

1 645 Nm

1 814 Nm

1 950 Nm

Maximum torque (1,400 rpm)

1 992 Nm

2 219 Nm

2 449 Nm

2 542 Nm

Capacity of fuel tanks 1 325L
Fuel filter engine-mounted complete with water separator
Powershift Transmission automatic transmission Caterpillar 16х4,
electrohydraulic, synchronised, oil batch
cooling, multi-disk clutch
Maximum speed 40 km/h
Speed radar
External planetary gears heavy-duty
Lock of front and rear differentials
Brakes dual disk brakes with dry calipers
Hydraulic brake of the trailer
Type Closed Center Load Sensing System
Standard flow 208 L/min
High Flow 303 L/min
Hydraulics control:
Electrohydraulic remote valves 4 pairs of 1/2" hydraulic couplers (raise, lower, neutral
and float positions; constant flow
with programmable time delay;
adjustable flow up to 114 L/min per line)
2 No. of 1" couplers and 3/8” coupler for case drain line (for air seeders)
6 pairs of 1/2" hydraulic couplers
Maximum system pressure 197 bar (2 900 psi)

12V 160A alternator



3 No. of 12V maintenance-free battery, 950 CCA


4 lights above front grill, 2 front work lights on shields,
4 rear work lights on shields,
4 work lights on cab roof

3-point hitch
Rear hitch, lift capacity (option) CAT IV, 6 800 kg @610mm behind hitch point
Cab high-comfort two-seat Deluxe cab
(includes semi-active operator seat, trainer seat,
rear-view mirror electric drive,
monitor attachment pipe, cooled box,
audio fittings, rear sub blind)
Agromanagement platform Agrotronic™

Swinging drawbar/PTO

Vertical load

4 082 kg

with heavy-duty drawbar installed

5 443 kg

Hitch pin

51 mm (2") with automatic hitch

70 mm (2.75")
(51 mm (2") -
Power take-off shaft (option)

44.5mm 20-spline 1000rpm output shaft






Available dual options for front and rear wheels




with tyres 710/70R42

with tyres 800/70R38

Length (without front weights) [mm]

7 606

Length (with front weights) [mm]

8 171

Height [mm] (over the cab)

3 980

3 968

Width over single tyre wheels [mm]

3 180

3 230

Width with single tyres [mm]

3 277

Width with dual tyres [mm]

4 720

5 118

Wheelbase - length [mm]

3 900

Wheelbase - width [mm]

2 166 (4 004 - на спарке)

2 240 (4 240 - на спарке)

Minimum turn diameter [m]







Basic tractor weight (without wheels and weights) [kg]

15 063

Maximum tractor operating weight [kg]

19 790

22 070

24 340

26 140

  • Standard
  • Option
  • Not available

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Warranty and service

Service for lower future costs

  • Wide network of service and sales partners you can rely on
  • Long commitment for proper warranty and post-warranty repairs in shortest time possible
  • Skilled personnel, special instruments and equipment, outfitted service facilities
warranty period
2 2 years or 2000 hours
support during harvest season
Application for equipment
Application for equipment