RSM Optimax
Online combine setup guide system
Agrotechnics professionals
General description

The RSM Optimax system is designed to help to select the best combine settings for given operating conditions.

The system uses dialogue windows to communicate with the operator in order to identify the problem and will offer to change machine settings in order to eliminate this problem. The decision to change is made by the operator - the system only suggests. After receiving the operator’s confirmation, the system will apply the changes.

RSM Optimax
How does it work?
The human-machine interface is structured as dialogue communication: the system generates requests on the screen of the operator’s panel of the on-board display, the operator gives his answers to the questions by selecting one of the possible answers offered and by tapping the respective icons on the screen.
  • the operator taps the respective icon on the on-board monitor to call up the combine setup optimisation system. In the main field, the system should show the menu for selecting the purpose of optimisation or the problem to be solved during the combine setup process.
  • the operator selects the required purpose of optimisation (problem) on the system menu within the selected purpose of optimization (problem). The system offers a number of detailing questions to estimate the harvesting conditions and to get more details about the problem
  • the system analyses the operator’s answers and the readings of its own sensors and the standard sensors of the on-board control system to offer the operator new settings for the combine’s harvesting units.
  • the operator accepts or rejects the settings offered by the system. If the operator accepts the settings, the system should change the operating parameters of the combine’s harvesting units in line with the settings offered and start the test of the new settings for 20 seconds. After that, the system should request the operator’s opinion about combine’s performance. If performance decreased or did not change with new settings, the system will suggest rolling back to the previous settings and optimising the combine performance by changing some other parameters. If the settings improved combine’s performance, the operator will be offered to continue the optimisation or to stop at the current result.
  • after setup, the system goes back to the combine settings optimisation purpose selection menu.
List of combine parameters being set by the system during its operation
  • 01
    rotor speed
  • 02
    rotor-to-concave clearance (manual setup tips for the operator)
  • 03
    cleaning fan speed
  • 04
    sieve clearance
  • 05
    sieve clearance
  • 06
    extension clearance
  • 07
    precleaner front section clearance
  • 08
    precleaner rear section clearance
  • 09
    installation/removal of rotor concave blanking plates (manual setup tips for the operator)
  • 10
    speed change (recommendations for the operator on how to change the ground speed).
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