Agrotechnics professionals
General description

The system prevents emergencies. In case of fatigue signs the system immediately notifies with a loud sound alarm.

How does it work?
  • The signs are recognized using machine vision.
  • A camera installed in the tractor’s or combine’s on-board computer constantly monitors the operator’s condition: blinking frequency, eye closure, unconscious movements, and heart rate.
  • In case of frequent blinking, eyes closing for more than three seconds, or reduced heart rate the Precision Farming System shall immediately provide a sound alarm and automatically generate a message to the RSM Agrotronic Agromanagement Platform.
Condition definition parameters:
  • 01
    Heart rate change during the operator’s work
  • 02
    Blinking rate
  • 03
    Eyes closing
  • 04
    Cognitive unconscious specific movements (eyes rubbing, yawning, etc.)