Telescopic handler TLH 740
Engine power
132 132 HP
Telescopic handler TLH 740
Axial piston pump, capacity 160
160 160 l/min
General description
  • Load lifting height
    7 7 m
  • Load Capacity
    4 4 t
  • Engine power
    132 132 HP
The TLH 740 telescopic handler was designed in response to the need of the real economy sector enterprises for high-performance and reliable machines.

The use of modern technical solutions and cooperation between Rostselmash and leading component suppliers made it possible to design a handler with outstanding consumer characteristics:
  • Smooth running of the machine and working parts allow performing operations with pinpoint precision;
  • High maneuverability and easy controllability ensure comfortable operation in limited space;
  • Operational safety due to the effective overload control and rollover prevention system;
  • High operation speed;
  • Generous offering in base.

The TLH 740 telescopic handler is a technically balanced machine that meets high requirements of customers.

Key features

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High performance

4-cylinder diesel engine YaMZ 534, power 132 HP (97 kW)
  • An improved electronic injection system, turbocharging with charge air cooling ensure complete fuel combustion, improved efficiency and engine fuel efficiency.
  • Meets 96–02 UNECE environmental safety class and shows average fuel consumption of 190 g/kW•h.
  • The self-diagnostics system displays real-time operating parameters of the machine. If any errors are detected, it also gives the operator an audible signal, reducing the probability of serious failures.
  • It is equipped with an electric pre-heater to ensure easy starting at ambient temperatures down to –20 °C.
The hydrostatic transmission, designed by Rostselmash engineers, guarantees smooth and precise running.
  • Travel speed up to 40 km/h
  • Field speed up to 15 km/h
The handler is equipped with axles with wet disc brakes with oil cooling. It is complete with an automatic clearance compensation system.

Limited slip axles are standard.

The rear axle swing angle of ±10° provides the machine with exceptional controllability even during driving on uneven surfaces.

Three wheel steering modes provide the handler's unrivaled maneuverability during limited space operation.
The axial piston pump provides capacity up to 160 l/min. Safety locks are installed on the boom raise and telescoping hydraulic cylinders. In case of a dramatic pressure drop in the hydraulic system, they operate automatically and prevent the boom “falling” and “retracting”. Additional hydraulic connections located on the boom head and in the handler rear section allow connecting almost any optional equipment and significantly expand the equipment functionality. To improve operating efficiency, the handler is equipped with an active boom damping system, reducing the bucket swing amplitude during the load movement. It allows increasing the field speed and reducing material spillage.
The frame and boom of the TLH 740 telescopic handler are designed considering the performed work specifics and severe operating conditions.

All structural elements were successfully tested using computer modeling methods. Further life-cycle tests have confirmed the calculation results.

The TLH 740 handler is equipped with a rollover prevention system.

If the operator is attempting to lift a load weighting above the permissible limit, the system shall alert him/her with an audible signal. With further load growth the on-board computer shall block hydraulic control and leave only one function available - boom retracting.

Comfortable in use

The handler cabin is designed according to modern requirements for ergonomics and occupational safety. Panoramic glazing, an anatomical seat, low vibration, and noise level below 76 dB allow the operator to feel comfortable during the busiest work shift.

A four-setting seat: armrest, backrest tilt, suspension stiffness, forward-backward shift relative to the steering column. This ensures a comfortable driving position and comfort while working. The seat may be installed on the air suspension (option).

The storage system allows convenient placing of the things the operator needs. It includes a cool box behind the seat, a lockable compartment in the armrest, and open niches for small items.
Operator's workplace
The steering wheel is adjustable in height and angle, allowing you to choose the optimal position.

A presence sensor monitors the operator's presence in the cabin. If there is noboby in the seat, the joystick operation is locked.
The 7" display provides all key information about the machine's operation.
Comfortable managing
The microclimate system ensures comfortable conditions for the operator in the sealed cab.

The handler features air conditioner and heater.

A climate control system may be installed (option).

The sunshade on the windshield and rear windows makes work more comfortable.

The side window opens for 180 degrees.

The rear window can be fixed in three positions:
  • Closed,
  • Vented,
  • Fully open
A wide step provides convenient and safe access to the cab.
Comfortable temperature

Important details

The TLH 740 handler's arrangement allows performing daily maintenance and maintenance with minimal time and effort. Filter elements are grouped in the maintenance area and are accessible from ground level.

Reversible fan of the FanDrive system with automatic and manual operating modes.

Easy control and maintenance of the retractable boom section guides.

Lubrication points are grouped into units and are easily accessible for easy inspection and maintenance.
The TLH 740 has extended service intervals:
  • Hydraulic oil change – 2,000 m/h
  • Air filter replacement – 500 m/h
  • Transmission maintenance – 2,000 m/h
  • Engine maintenance – 500 m/h
Extended service intervals


Maximum capacity, kg 4,000
Capacity at maximum raise height, kg 2,700
Capacity at maximum horizontal reach, kg 1,500
Maximum raise height, m 7
Maximum horizontal boom reach, m 4
Reach at maximum raise height, m 1
Maximum pull-out force, kN 57
Operating weight (without replaceable equipment), kg 8,500
Model YAMZ 534
Number of cylinders 4 in line
Power, kW (hp) 97 (132)
Max. torque, Nm 600 Nm
Displacement, L 4,4
Emission standard 96–02 UNECE
Fuel tank, L 150 L
Two-stage cyclone air cleaner for pre-cleaning
Radiators self-cleaning (fan reverse)
Working pump type Axial-piston
Nominal hydraulic flow in the working equipment line, l/min 160 l/min
System pressure 28 MPa
Control Joystick
Type With planetary wheel reduction gears
Differential Self-locking on both axles
Rear axle swing ±10°
Hydraulic circuit on the boom to connect attachments
Return-to-Load system
Boom damping system
Hydraulic locks for boom raise and telescoping cylinders
Alternator 120А
Batteries 2х12 V, 90 Аh
Mains voltage 24V
LED work lights: 4 front lights and 2 rear
Headlights: low and high beam
Socket for trailer signal lights
Transmission Hydrostatic
Number of gears (F/R) 2/1
Maximum forward speed, km/h 40
Maximum reverse speed, km/h 15
F-N-R function on the working equipment control joystick
Self-locking differentials (LSD) on both axles
Single service brake pedal
Tyres size 460-70R24
Industrial (pallet) forks for pallets 120x50x1200
Grain bucket, capacity 3.0 m3
Buckets of various sizes and purposes
Hydraulic line on the boom for attachments
Hydraulic line on the frame for attachments
Mechanical quick release device
FOPS/ROPS protection
Air-conditioning and heating system with recirculation function
Double cab air cleaning system
Operator’s seat with a mechanical suspension and seat belt
Height and reach adjustable steering column
Opening door window and rear window
Front and rear wiper with washer
Sunshade on the windshield and rear windows
Dead zone mirror
Machine monitoring system (status, control and maintenance indicators on a 7-inch color monitor)
12/24V socket
Axle to attachment distance, mm 1,300
Wheelbase, mm 3,100
Axle to rear overhang distance, mm 900
Road clearance, mm 400
Distance from the front wheel to rear overhang, mm 4,630
Height including the rotary beacon, mm 2,580
Track width, mm 2,000
Width over external tyre edge, mm 2,450
Total length to the attachment, mm 5,300
Cab width, mm 1,050
Turning radius at the inner wheel, mm 1,700
Turning radius at the attachment, mm 4,400
Turning radius at the outer wheel, mm 4,560
Turning radius at the bucket, mm 5,600
  • Standard
  • Option
  • Not available