Wheel loader WL 530
Engine power
218 218 HP
Wheel loader WL 530
Operating Weight
17.500 17.500 kgs
General description
  • Engine power
    218 218 HP
  • Operating Weight
    17.500 17.500 kgs
  • SAE Bucket Capacity from
    2.6 2.6 м³
  • SAE Bucket Capacity to
    4.0 4.0 м³
The WL 530 wheel loader successfully combines high operating efficiency and low operating costs. Its high performance is achieved due to a powerful electronically controlled engine, transmission and high efficiency hydraulic system.

Operator comfort and safety are ensured by high ergonomics.Reliability is due to the use of high quality components.It is confirmed by the machine testing under the most severe operating conditions.

The combination of these parameters specifies the long service life of the loader components and assemblies, improves the equipment efficiency and reduces operating costs.

Key features

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High performance

6-cylinder diesel engine YaMZ 536, power 218 HP (160 kW)
  • An improved electronic injection system, turbocharging with charge air cooling ensure complete fuel combustion, improved efficiency and engine fuel efficiency.
  • Meets 96–02 UNECE environmental safety class and shows average fuel consumption of 203 g/kW•h.
  • The self-diagnostics system displays real-time operating parameters of the machine. If any errors are detected, it also gives the operator an audible signal, reducing the probability of serious failures.
  • It is equipped with an electric pre-heater to ensure easy starting at ambient temperatures down to –20 °C.
  • Independent liquid fuel engine heater (option) ensures trouble-free engine starting at temperatures below – 20°C.
The loader is equipped with axles with wet disc brakes with oil cooling. It is complete with an automatic clearance compensation system.

The front axle may be equipped with a self-locking differential. The rear axle swing angle of ±12° provides the machine with exceptional controllability even during driving on uneven surfaces.

PowerShift hydraulic-mechanical transmission. It includes the torque converter and a multi-stage transmission with multiple disc friction clutches.

It has 4 forward and 3 reverse gears to keep more effective crankshaft speed, providing the maximum fuel economy. The hydraulic-mechanical transmission is equipped with a drum-type parking brake with a spring mechanism.

It has direct power take-off to the working equipment pump. Maximum speed:
  • forward – 36 km/h;
  • reverse – 21 km/h.
Axial piston hydraulic pump, capacity up to 230 l/min
  • The cycle time is 10 seconds only.
  • Hydraulic locks on the boom raising cylinders (option) prevent the boom sudden lowering in case of oil pressure drop in the hydraulic circuit.
  • An additional hydraulic line (option) allows connecting hydraulic attachments, controlled by a multifunction joystick.

To improve the handling operations efficiency, the loader can be equipped with auxiliary systems:
  • Return-to-Load system - automatically returns the bucket to its original (set) position after unloading;
  • Boom damping system - reduces the bucket swing mplitude during the load movement. It allows increasing the field speed and reducing material spillage.
The Z-shaped boom design provides high breakout torque and excellent visibility of the bucket dimensions.

Due to the bucket tilting angle of 45 degrees, the load is securely held and dumped, and less number of hinges (as compared to the H-shaped design) reduces maintenance costs.
  • Light material bucket with bolt-on cutting edge
  • General purpose bucket with bolt-on cutting edge
  • Soil cutting bucket with teeth and bolt-on cutting edge
  • Reinforced bucket with soil cutting teeth

Comfortable in use

The loader cab is a modern, ergonomic workplace. An anatomical seat, low vibration, noise level below 76 dB, all-round vision, convenient controls allow the operator to feel comfortable during the whole work shift.

Chair with six adjustments: armrest, backrest and seat tilt, lumbar support, suspension stiffness, forward-backward shift relative to the steering column and/or joystick. All this ensures a comfortable driving position and comfort while working. The seat may be installed on the air suspension (option).

Many storage spaces are provided in the cab: two lockable compartments (one equipped with a heating and cooling system), two open niches, two cup holders and a document compartment behind the operator's chair.
Operator's workplace
Two transmission control options: multifunctional ergonomic joystick with FNR function or an understeering switch. The steering wheel is adjustable in height and angle, allowing you to choose the optimal position. The wrist rest next to the joystick is height-adjustable to take the strain off the operator's hand. The 7-inch display not only displays information about the machine operation, but also provides the rear view camera image (option).
Comfortable managing
Due to the well-designed deflector arrangement, the air flow is evenly distributed throughout the cab.

For work in cold climate regions, an independent cab heater may be installed as well as electrically heated rear window, windshield and exterior mirrors.

The loader features an air conditioner and heater.

An optional climate control system is available.
Comfortable temperature

Important details

To provide convenient and safe access to the engine unit and radiator block, three side covers of the engine compartment lift up. Wide clearance (70 cm) between the wheel and counterweight, additional footrests provide free access to the engine compartment. The distance between the frames is sufficient for safe access and convenient joint maintenance. Lubrication points are grouped into units and are easily accessible from the ground level for easy inspection and maintenance. Filter elements are grouped in the maintenance area and are accessible from ground level. The cooling system is sectional. The radiator outer section falls back to provide access to the inner section. The fuel tank filling neck is located in the lockable radiator compartment and is accessible from ground level.
Hydraulic oil change – 2,000 m/h

Air filter replacement – 1,000 m/h

Axle maintenance – 1,000 m/h

Transmission maintenance – 1,000 m/h

Engine maintenance – 500 m/h
Extended service intervals


No-turn dumping load, kg 12,600
Full-turn dumping load, kg 10,600
Maximum pull-out force, kN 170
Operating Weight, kg 17,500
Model YAMZ 536
Number of cylinders 6 in line
Power, kW (hp) 160 (218)
Max. torque, Nm 950
Displacement, L 6,6
Emission standard 96–02 UNECE
Fuel tank, L 280
Working pump type Axial-piston
Nominal hydraulic flow in the working equipment line, l/min 230
System pressure 28 MPa
Control Joystick
Cycle time, sec 10
Hydraulic locks on the boom raise cylinders
Boom damping system
Alternator 120А
Batteries 2х12 V, 90 Аh
LED work lights: 2 front and 2 rear lights
Headlights: low and high beam
Mains voltage 24V
Type With planetary wheel reduction gears
Front axle differential Self-locking NoSpin
Rear axle swing ±12°
Transmission Multi-shaft, PowerShift
Maximum forward speed, km/h 36
Maximum reverse speed, km/h 21
F-N-R function on the working equipment control joystick
NoSpin front axle differential
Tyres size 23,5-25-20PR (L3)
General civil bucket 3 m3
Replaceable buckets
Bull blade
Cargo-handling fork
FOPS/ROPS protection
Air-conditioning and heating system c/w recirculation function
Independent cab heater
Operator’s seat with a mechanical suspension and a seat belt
Height and reach adjustable steering column
Right and left sliding windows
Front and rear wiper
External rear view mirrors
Machine monitoring system (status, control and maintenance indicators on a 7-inch color monitor)
Rear view camera with image output to the monitor
Total length with a standard bucket, mm 8,280
Axle to the bucket hinge pin distance, mm 1,550
Wheelbase, mm 3,300
Distance from the axle to the outer counterweight edge, mm 2,100
Road clearance, mm 450
Cab height, mm 3,460
Height including the rotary beacon, mm 3,690
Track width, mm 2,200
Width over external tyre edge, mm 2,800
Width at the bucket, mm 3,020
Unloading height at the bucket hinge pin, mm 4,100
Unloading height (at 45°), mm 3,150
Digging depth, mm 120
Reach at the dumping height, mm 1,150
Turning radius at the bucket edge, mm 7,200
Internal turning radius, mm 3,630
Frame articulation angle 38°
  • Standard
  • Option
  • Not available