20 years of successful operation

April, 2024
The Rostselmash's production site, which specializes in towed vehicles and attached equipment is celebrating the 20th anniversary. During this period the company has made huge progress and reached numerous targets.

The site started operations in April 2024 when the "Novoye Sodrouzhestvo" Industrial Union acquired Morozovskselmash. The idea of creating a complex for production of a full range of farm vehicles in the Russia's south required additional sites, areas and, certainly - skilled professionals.

The division's product portfolio has been expanded from three forage harvesters to 55 models and 160 modifications of foragers, planters, grain lifters, machinery used to protect plants or provide nutrients to them, and soil cultivation and landscaping machinery.
Производственная площадка прицепной и навесной техники Ростсельмаш отмечает свое 20-летие
The list of destinations, where the company supplies its vehicles also has been expanded considerably and now it includes 20 countries. This is a proof of high quality of the products and the fact that Rostselmash has earned trust of its partners.
The Rostselmash's dealership and service network has developed to 100 offices in Russia and other countries. This provides out clients access to high-quality service and technical support throughout the world.

In the last 20 years the number of division's personnel has increased considerably and nowadays amounts to 2,800 persons. These are skilled persons who are committed to their work and make a huge contribution to development and prosperity of the company.
Предприятие начало свою историю в апреле 2004 года
The area of the Rostselmash production sites has also increased considerably and now includes three places: Rostov-on-Don, Morozovsk and Taganrog. This expansion helps the company to effectively manage production processes and ensure stable supply of the products.

It's worth mentioning that the company has replaced 99% of machine tools with new machines, which shows that it strives to continuously improve process equipment and implement innovations.
Продуктовый портфель дивизиона вырос до 55 моделей и 160 модификаций машин