A game-changer in the industry of of road-building machines

December, 2023
Новое имя дорожно-строительной техники РоссииThe company has developed and manufactured its first road-building machines. They are being broken in now. These are a telescopic handler and a front loader. Two more types of machines will be presented until the end of next year.

"We see great opportunities for our company. We have done so much for diversification of production and are ready for active actions in the new sphere", says Valery Maltsev, CEO of Rostselmash.

The company declared its intentions to increase special-purpose machinery market presence due to road-building machines in 2021 — from the beginning of the tractor factory construction. The facilities of the tractor factory will be used to develop the new product line. The company is going to produce its own branded telescopic handlers, front loaders, backhoe loaders and crawler excavators. For this, Rostselmash has established the Road-Building Machinery Division involved in design and pre-production of machines.

The official unveiling of the first machines will be in May 2024.

The telescopic handler will have a lifting capacity of 4 tons and maximum lifting height of 7 meters. The standard handler will be equipped with a 3m3 light materials bucket and a pallet fork. The loader may also be fitted with different attached implements, including an excavation bucket, a pin type fork, a silage grip, a bale grip and a piling blade.

The front loader will have a lifting capacity of 5 tons. This will be a quarry vehicle designed for heavy conditions. The machine will have a 3m3 rock bucket. At the request of consumers, the loader may be fitted with other types of buckets.

When producing the machines, the company uses its own branded assemblies and components as well as those made by other manufacturers from Russia and friendly countries. For example, the machines are equipped with 530 series motors by Yaroslavl Motor Plant: 132 hp motors are used for telescopic handlers and 220 hp motors are used for front loaders.
Первые дорожно-строительные машины Ростсельмаш
At the moment, the machines undergo commissioning, and at the beginning of 2024 they will be sent to endurance tests. The machines will have to carry out a one-year work cycle under various conditions. Some of potential customers have already expressed their interest in purchasing the machines for trial operation.

You will be able to see road-building machines by Rostselmash in spring 2024.