A New Milestone: Meet Rostselmash Road Construction Machines

May, 2024
Rostselmash has embarked on the path of expanding and diversifying its product portfolio. The first samples of road construction machines have been produced to date — a front-end loader and a telescopic handler — both currently undergoing tests. The pilot batch is scheduled for release in 2025, followed by full-scale production in 2026.
Телескопический погрузчик TLH 740-02-мал
“The front-end loaders and telescopic handlers mark Rostselmash's inaugural entry into the road construction machinery market, with plans for further expansions into various equipment types for road construction projects. Diversified production stands as a pivotal growth strategy for the company. Rostselmash is venturing into the road construction machines market, but we are poised for success in this new endeavor. With 95 years of experience, our team has acquired extensive expertise in developing special-purpose machines, broadening our product range, and establishing a company offering a full line of solutions. Throughout our journey, our primary ethos has consistently revolved around furnishing our customers with top-notch technical solutions that bring them maximum value. We remain steadfast in upholding this ethos even within this fresh market,” remarked Valeriy Maltsev, the CEO of Rostselmash.

Meet the WL 530 front-end loader, engineered for optimal performance and cost-efficiency. Featuring a 3 m3 rock bucket and a hefty 5-ton lifting capacity, this machine thrives in challenging environments with its robust Z-shaped boom design delivering high lift-off force.
Фронтальный погрузчик WL 530 мал
The TLH 740 telescopic handler is designed to meet the demands of businesses seeking high-performance and reliable equipment. With a 4-ton lifting capacity and a maximum boom height of 7 meters, it offers flexibility for various tasks under construction, agriculture, and public utility projects. Its hydraulic outlets on the boom head and rear of the loader allow seamless connection of a wide range of optional equipment.

The development of this new line paid special attention to enhancing the operator's working conditions. Such features as a well-designed ventilation system, multi-parameter adjustable steering wheel and seat, low vibration levels, and a noise level below 76 dB create a conducive work environment for operators during the busiest working shifts. Rostselmash also took care of safety with the loader cab certified according to international ROPS and FOPS standards.

Drawing on their extensive design experience, the company developed new machines utilizing design solutions and innovations from their engineering school. The machines mainly incorporate components produced in-house or sourced from local suppliers. Thus, Rostselmash is well-positioned to offer machines with the optimum balance between price and quality.