Agrotronic: the Ever Watching Digital Eye

November, 2022
Agrotronic: the Ever Watching Digital Eye
Only objective data on the operation of each agricultural machine can substantially improve the situation on the farm: minimize downtime, eliminate the misuse of equipment, prevent fuel and product losses, and finally, improve the machine operator’s labor discipline and responsibility.

The RSM Agrotronik agro-management platform, provided by Rostselmash, continuously monitors each registered agricultural machine. Thousands of tractors, grain and forage harvesters are already working under its watchful eye.
RSM Agrotronic already working under its watchful eye
RSM Agrotronic is the core of Rostselmash's electronic system eco-environment. Even the basic version of RSM Agrotronic provides the user with a great amount of objective data:

  • location of each agricultural machine of the farm;
  • operation parameters at each time point – engine, on-board electrics, cooling system, working units (augers, fans, threshing devices or grinding apparatus, etc.);
  • time and place of grain unloading, refuelling and discharge;
  • time and place of emergency occurrence (non-critical and critical messages of the on-board system, faults, maintenance notifications, etc.);
  • work – operation, implement, performance, tracking, cultivated area.

This is a very incomplete list of messages provided by RSM Agrotronics to the owner of a Rostselmash agricultural machine. The system doesn't miss anything, doesn't forget anything, doesn't lose anything. It is unbiased and objective. RSM Agrotronic means a comprehensive and continuous control over the machine from the moment the ignition is turned on until the engine stops.

If your Rostselmash harvester or tractor is equipped with this system, it means it is fully ready for work. Just turn on your tablet, laptop or smartphone and enjoy.
it is fully ready for work
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