Better Protection and Aggressive Look

March, 2024
Restyled Rostselmash 2400 tractors have begun to roll out of the maker's new factory. This model stands out for its robustness, good flotation and high performance. This tractor can be used for a wide range of agricultural applications, which is why it has always been a popular choice amongst growers.
Усиленная защита и дерзкий «взгляд»
Thanks to feedback from owners, the tractor's design has been modified with some changes, both utility and aesthetic.
The appearance of the side cowlings was modelled based on how air streams flow over them. Also, the underhood space was modified, the engine room was covered with steel panels to protect it in wet conditions.

Other additions include easy-to-remove steel structures closing machine's internal system so that they cannot be damaged by stubbles of crops with large stalks such as sunflower or corn: a guard closing air intake and exhaust tubing on the right side; a steel cover for the tube connecting the two fuel tanks. A new frame and handrails were given to the entrance door.
Тракторы Ростсельмаш 2400 в обновленном дизайне
The hood faceplate above the grille was also restyled, with 4 square slots now instead of a single large slit before, giving the machine a more expressive look. The mirror brackets are now curved for greater convenience during servicing and easier access to various components. A 16L handwasher is provided on the right side for operator's convenience.
The cab interior was also restyled. The transition of colour from dark at the bottom to light at the top makes it look more airy and refreshed.
Преобразилась «маска» капота над радиаторной решеткой