Construction of Rostselmash Tractor Plant. Official Start

September, 2021

The first stone of a new Rostselmash production facility has been laid in Rostov-on-Don. Construction of the first tractor plant in post-Soviet Russia was officially launched by Vasiliy Golubev, Governor of Rostov Region, Konstantin Babkin, President of Novoe Sodruzhestvo Industrial Society and Rosspetsmash Association, and Valeriy Maltsev, General Director of Rostselmash, with participation of representatives of regional and municipal authorities.

Construction of the tractor plant is one of Rostselmash’s main investment projects. Its budget is more than 6 billion roubles.

With the annual capacity of up to 5,000 machines, the plant will significantly increase production of Russian Rostselmash tractors as well as construction and road-building equipment. The company intends to commission the plant by the end of 2022.

“Powerful and ergonomic machinery is needed in the countryside to speed up introduction of progressive agricultural technologies and ensure growth of labour productivity in the agricultural sector. Anyway, the main thing in the Rostselmash tradition is to be first and do the best, to give it to the villagers, workers of the housing and utilities sector, and in the end – to the residents of Don and the whole country,” Vasiliy Golubev emphasized.

The tractor plant with an area of 14 ha and a production area of 62,000 sq m will be located at one of the company's sites in Rostov-on-Don. At this plant Rostselmash plans to produce a full range of tractors from 170hp to 600+hp with articulated and classical frames, crawlers and road-building machinery.

The company will use modern industrial technology and Lean production tools and create a comfortable working environment for employees. Development of Rostselmash’s facilities will create 1,850 new jobs.

“I am confident that the Rostselmash tractor plant will allow our society to move forward. Almost 2,000 people who will work at the plant will give jobs to tens of thousands more, who supply components, promote this machinery, and service it. These thousands of new employees and partners will promote growth of Rostov-on-Don and the Rostov region. And our Russia will grow stronger,” Konstantin Babkin said.

As a reminder, the company began developing its own full-cycle tractor production in August 2016. In five years, production of Russian Rostselmash tractors has grown from 50 to 1,300 machines per year. The company reported a doubling of tractor production output last year.

The range of Rostselmash tractors has expanded considerably over the past five years. Today, two series of tractors are manufactured on a large scale: RSM 2000 (380 – 405 hp) and RSM 3000 (440 – 583 hp), including RSM 3575, the most powerful agricultural tractor manufactured in Russia. The RSM 1000 series of classic frame tractors (345 and 370 hp) and the RSM 3000 series of tracked tractors are currently under production.

To meet the growing demand for tractor machinery, Rostselmash company has decided to build a new plant. This summer, after all permits were received, the company has began clearing the site for the future plant. In parallel, the process of purchasing industrial equipment was started.

“Today’s event is a logical continuation of the entire history of Rostselmash development. We continue to expand our product portfolio. At the new plant we plan to produce up to 5,000 self-propelled machines. We will manufacture tractors of 170 hp and more powerful equipment as well as road-building machinery. The tractor plant will feature full cycle production and have its own design centre,” said Valeriy Maltsev.

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