Egypt's President Launched Harvesting Campaign With Rostselmash Equipment

May, 2022
Egypt's President Launched Harvesting Campaign With Rostselmash Equipment
The start of the harvesting campaign in the Egyptian Toshka valley was announced personally by the President of the country Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. For the second consecutive year, it is running with Rostselmash combines involved, with another batch of machines already put into service.

The Egypt's Ministry of Agriculture reported to the President on the purchase of a large batch of ACROS 595 PLUS and TORUM 785 machines. The grain harvesters were delivered to the country this March specifically under the desert lands reclamation program.

During the opening of new agricultural lands in the Toshka Valley, the President of Egypt inspected the state-of-the-art harvesters and announced the beginning of the grain harvesting season in the region. The country's leader was told about the features of these machines which are already working in the fields, and about the cooperation between Egyptian partners and Rostselmash.
ACROS 595 PLUS and TORUM 785 machines
Agricultural industry experts in Egypt said they are hoping that the new harvest of wheat would be gathered at a faster pace versus previous seasons since the grain harvesters fully meet the technical requirements and standards for operations in difficult growing and climatic conditions.
A team of Rostselmash specialists supervises each shipment of products, with special focus on educating how to effectively use agricultural equipment.

It is worth recalling that in 2021, as a result of public tender award, the first ACROS 585 grain harvesters arrived in the country. Egypt is showing interest in further expanding the fleet of the maker's agricultural machines, since the quality of equipment and reliability of all its systems fully meet the conditions of work on sandy soils.

For a detailed report on the President's visit to Toshka region, click on the link below
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