Increased Capacity of Rostselmash Tractors

June, 2023

The updated Rostselmash 2400 tractor has just rolled off the production line. The agromachine features increased power of 430hp.

The 2000 series articulated wheel tractors are well-known among professional farmers. Especially in arable farms of 1,500 hectares and more. The machines perfectly handle multiple loads in field, deliver high performance and ensure fuel economy. The new tractor helps to increase the possibilities of agricultural manufacturers.

The machine features a 430hp engine, 11.6 l. The difference in power and engine capacity with the previous version (405hp/10.8l) allows the tractor to operate wide-cut implements with less engine load. Despite the increased power, the new engine promises to be less “gluttonous”. The actual demand will be demonstrated in field, however according to check measurements, savings can reach up to 10%.

The new model has obtained extra features along with hydraulics of increased performance – 260l/min instead of former 170 l/min. This makes the tractor even more versatile and allows to attach trailed implements of increased flow rate requirements. The tractor is fitted with an additional fifth section of connectors allowing to connect the entire range of sowing equipment.

Operators of Rostselmash equipment will appreciate the improved workplace ergonomics. Mechanical control of hydraulics is replaced by electrical control. Levers were substituted by neat vanes, and all system settings are available on the monitor. The tractors can boast improved noise insulation of the cabin and new or modified niches for supplies: drinking water, cellphones, etc. A rear-view camera adds convenience to the machine operator by facilitating hitching operations and increasing the equipment safety.

In the new model, specialists considered additional improvements aimed at increasing the comfort of tractor operation and maintenance. For example, hydraulics maintenance and washing fluid loading became much more convenient due to a special platform on the left front side of the agromachine. A second toolbox has been added to the right side. The fuel line between the left and right tanks is protected with metal enclosure. In many ways, these and other improvements were introduced with due account for recommendations of machine operators.

The use of a new motor set made it possible to exclude the front ballast and increase the departure angle and the clearance in front of the tractor. From afar, the new model can be recognized by the white roof and wheels which differ from the usual cream colour.

The new auto-control system PCM Agrotronic Pilot 1.0 Electric Steering (supplied as an option) contributes to high efficiency of the agromachine. The system ensures stable operation of self-propelled vehicles with high-precision adjustment for distances up to 5 km from the RTK base station, maintaining the path accuracy of up to 2.5 cm. It not only takes over the vehicle steering, but also performs automatic turns. This allows to free the machine operator from routine steering and focus on the process quality.

At the moment, the first commercial Rostselmash 2400 tractors are under break-in, whereupon they will be shipped to company's dealer centres.
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