New Geography with Rostselmash

September, 2021

Rostselmash has won the regional stage of the All-Russian Competition "Exporter of the Year" in the Southern Federal District.

A General District Committee of the national competition "Exporter of the Year" unveiled the prize list for 10 categories withing the Southern Federal District. Rostselmash got silver in the category “Exporter of the Year in Industry” among large businesses and gold in the category “New Geography” being well ahead of peers. The Committee consisting of the representatives of federal ministries, the Russian Export Center and business associations acknowledged high export activity of the leader of Russian agricultural machinery market for the year 2020.

According to Rostselmash, the award ascertains that the company takes a right track in its export strategy, which rests upon the continuous expansion of the company's global footprint year by year. In 2020 Rostselmash emerged in Turkey, Ethiopia and France with it’s TORUM and NOVA grain harvesters, and SUN STREAM rowless sunflower headers. At the same time the company intensified cooperation with its regular partners in neighbouring countries and stroke a path towards Europe and Africa. Rostselmash products are supplied to more than 40 countries. The share of exported products based on total quantities supplied for 2020 increased by 28% for self-propelled machines, by 22% for harvesters and by 106% for tractors.

“The competition "Exporter of the Year" gave us a clear evidence that our export-oriented enterprises take systematic efforts to penetrate foreign markets. They are not going to stop with the contracts being awarded by now”, says Vasiliy Osmakov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

“In 2020 all export-oriented companies had to fight challenges of the new reality caused by a global pandemic, and they successfully managed to shape up, to find new solutions, to use supporting measures reasonably and to maintain an upward trend in their export policy. I just want to extend huge thanks and appreciation to the companies who braced themselves and applied all their passion, skills and endeavours to promote their business, ideas and our country on a global market”, Veronika Nikishina, CEO of the Russian Export Center highlighted.

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