New Tractor Plant Came on Line in Russia!

March, 2024
For the first time in the last 52 years a full-cycle tractor plant was built in Russia. The opening ceremony at the Rostselmash tractor plant was held on March 5, 2024. This event was attended by Denis Mantourov, Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Industry and Trade, Vasily Golubev, Governor of the Rostov region, Konstantin Babkin, President at Novoye Sodurzhestvo Industrial Union and Rosseptzmash Association, Dmitry Oudras, CEO at Novoye Sodurzhestvo Industrial Union, Valery Maltsev, CEO at Rostselmash.
Осмотр экспозиции компонентов
The official start of the investment project was in September 2021. The total plant area is 14 hectares, while production area (workshops and storage areas) covers 62, 000 m2.

"We are launching the production complex, where we can expand the production of high-capacity tractors. Here, we will also launch a new family of road construction vehicles. Keeping in mind that these products are of a great importance for our farmers and construction companies, we use funds from the Industrial Development Fund to provide low-interest loans needed to support the project. At the same time, the government certainly keeps on providing subsidies for all the Rostselmash products so that rural communities can purchase them at a discounted price and supports export supplies," - said Denis Mantourov.
Выступление Д.Мантурова
The capacity of the tractor plant is 5000 vehicles per annum, which is quite a lot to considerably increase the production of tracked-type 170 hp to 600+hp tractors on articulated and conventional frames in Russia. The plant will also produce some types of road construction vehicles: telescopic handlers and front-end loaders, backhoe loaders.
Презентация первой дорожно-строительной техники
The plant features a high degree of automation and has all required equipment for metal bending and welding, machining, vehicle painting and assembly. State-of-art industrial technologies and tools of Lead Production in combination with devices with built-in quality control functions were used at the plant, which minimizes human interventions and enables monitoring of each production stage. Rostselmash expansion will create 1850 jobs, including those associated with high technologies.

"Today we're opening a new site, where people will create: produce new, nice, smart, high-performance vehicles. This is the place, where people will work their way up and will feel a wide variety of positive emotions. My congratulations to Rostselmash employees! This is a new stage in the development and life of the company. I'm sure we have a long way to go. We'll hit this road and will be moving forward together with confidence and optimism along with the development of farming sector and entire Russia" - Konstantin Babkin said. He expressed his gratitude to the Russian government and Rostov region government for providing continuous and effective support to the company's projects.

"This is the third production site, which Rostselmash opened this year, the year when our company has an anniversary - 95 years. Here, they will produce modern tractors of various capacity and road construction vehicles - up to 5,000 vehicles per annum. This plant, as well as two previous facilities - farming machinery plant and driveline plant contributes to further localization of import-substituting products and deeper technological sovereignty and, thus, addresses the tasks set by president V. Putin. The total investments in all three new production facilities is more than 22.5 bln rubles, according to the plan they will finally create about 3,200 jobs" - said Vasily Golubev.
С конвейера сходят первые тракторы
New tractor plant receives about 80% components required for production from various production sites owned by Rostselmash and other Russian companies.

"Tractor plant is the largest company's project and one of the most ambitious Russian machine building projects in recent decades. Due to a high-degree of automation and sustainability of production processes this project addresses the tasks set in the Russia's "Development and Competitive Growth of Industry" program. The started plant will help to satisfy increased farmers' demand for Rostselmash tractors and increase the share of Russian tractors used in the Russia's farming sector. Therefore, this is our contribution to deeper technological sovereignty of our country. In addition, due to the start of plant we will be able to reach our targets associated with the production of road construction vehicles" - said Valery Maltsev.

The tractor plant construction is being supported by the Industrial Development Fund of Russia, which provided loan for the project and is also supported by the government of the Rostov region.

Before the ceremony Deputy Prime Minister and Rostov region Governor examined the displayed vehicles planned for production, and the results of another Rostselmash investment project - the plant, which will produce automatic and mechanical drivelines, axles and gear cases for tractors, combines and road construction vehicles.
Церемония открытия Нового тракторного завода