Rostselmash 2375: the work is ongoing

December, 2022
Rostselmash 2375: the work is ongoing
The agricultural industry has completed its stressful period of sowing and harvesting campaigns. However in any farm there is year-round work for tractors, which involves plenty of related equipment.

Tractors do the work in all seasons – from moisture closure and to deep plowing. And in between, these machines are used for sowing close-growing crops, virgin land development, soil loosening, disking, and so on. Over the season, one Rostselmash 2375 tractor can handle about 10-12 thousand hectares or run about 2,000 operating hours at an optimal engine load.

Articulated tractors are equipped with engines rated at 380 hp. A 49% torque backup ensures a reliable and stable operation in unpredictable field conditions.

Despite the impressive size, the powerful machines are characterized by excellent maneuverability and stability due to the horizontally and vertically flexible frame. The articulation demonstrates high reliability and durability if properly maintained and handled. Powerful axles with the original final drives are one of the advantages of company's tractors. Intended for hard work in the field, they are originally designed with single and dual wheels, and lockable differentials contribute to confidence in tough terrains. Now the choice of a “duals” option is up to the customer. The tractor can be equipped with any type of implements and attachments. Agromachines are offered with a drawbar and rear 3-pt hitch.

Rostselmash 2375 is successfully operated in combination with high-performance air seeders with a cutting width of up to 12-13 m. This possibility is provided by a hydraulic system with a closed center.

For operator’s convenience, the Rostselmash 2375 cabs have all-round visibility, an adjustable steering column and seat, air conditioning and heating, air duct system and decent noise insulation.

The machine is service-friendly, all units subject to inspection or lubrication are easily accessible. Viewfinders are provided for easy control of fluid levels. An air compressor complete with a sleeve and connection points makes it easy to clean the tractor and allows for quick wheel inflation right in the field.
Rostselmash 2375 cabs have all-round visibility
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